Must-have for home pedicure

make a pedicure at home?Excellent!How to make the procedure does not become a routine and boring?Of course, to go shopping and buy all the most modern and high quality required for a pedicure.The most useful attributes for a home pedicure is:

Nail polish remover

good nail polish remover wipes even very dark varnish only one or two movements.It does not dry the skin and nails.Check very simple - there are no traces of whitish fluid from the well should not be.And if you are interested in innovations, here is the information for reflection.Organic means of nail polish remover - is this possible?It turns out, yes, and it has already been invented.


After you do a warm foot bath (five minutes is enough), you need to exfoliate dead skin cells.You can prepare homemade scrub.If you do not have time, keep always in the bathroom good soft scrub.This is a necessary step in the pedicure.


After the scrub, the most hardened areas can go soft pumice.Buy one that is comfortable to hold in hand and reach for the heels.

Pedicure scissors, forceps

If you save time, buy those that make the shape of the nail in one motion.It is convenient and not traumatic.

nail files

Choose a nail file with no sharp edges.More sensitive suitable not only for treating the edges of the nail, but also for grinding and polishing the nail plate;with an average abrasive - manicure;high abrasiveness - Pedicure treatment of corns and calluses and local standing.

lotion or cream for feet

lotion or cream for feet with little exfoliating and moisturizing effect - also a good thing for a pedicure.Most brands offer good creams for the feet.


presence in your arsenal "base" under the varnish will provide a pedicure and a longer lasting effect.Moreover, modern More basecoats and protect from the action of the nail and synthetic coloring substances nail polish.


This is the most interesting and creative part of the pedicure.Do not skimp on nail polish feet.It also requires good quality formula.And it has its trends, so the palette update regularly.It is, moreover, will not turn into a routine procedure.


also an important point.If you want to keep long nail, not tarnished or destroyed, you can use the so-called "top CCAS."There are wonderful options that can add creative in pedicure (for example, top CCAS with sparkles), save time (cover-drying), enrich the image (variation of matt and glossy finish).

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