Cathedral Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg

First Church of the northern capital was built on the personal orders of the emperor in the early eighteenth century.But after eight years of construction of the temple was consecrated .Later, his status was raised as a result of the Holy Trinity Cathedral was the main in the city on the Neva.Holy Trinity was the first patron saint of the Northern capital, so it was dedicated to the temple.In the history of our country, he was very important, since it is here that came to the throne first emperor Peter the Great, here sounded all the king's orders.

first years of the cathedral

Today, the cathedral, which gave its name to the area exists.And once it was the center of urban life, as he was surrounded by major businesses and government agencies.

first Russian emperor personally took care of him, even personally participated in its construction.That is why the church had wooden plaque, which said that it was built by the Emperor to commemorate the victory over the Swedes near Vyborg.

The church was built by the architect Domenico Trezzini.Before this temple for a long time arranged masquerades, mass celebrations, parades and parades of troops.On the bell tower were reinforced watch, which was removed from the Sukharev Tower in Moscow.

significance of the temple took place here in the presence of the royal family all significant public solemn services (the peace treaty with the Swedes and the end of the Great Northern War), and the Emperor granted the title of Emperor.Immediately happening funeral of Alexei and the announcement of heir to the throne Prince Peter.In the cathedral for a long time remained the main sanctuary city - Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

The construction of the new cathedral

Being wood, the Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg rather quickly dilapidated.As a result, twenty-one year after the construction of the Office of the construction, it was decided to remove the watch and clock bell.And after six years due to the inability to fix was removed and the slope of the wretched of the weather cross.At the same time he issued a decree on the construction of the stone church, but, unfortunately, the project was not implemented.

According to the will of Elizabeth, the cathedral was demolished, and in its place was built a new church designed by Herman van Boles.Consecrated in May 1746 Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg was not like the one that was in Peter's day.It was a two log two logs with lime pouring some in between.The building was sheathed tёsom outside.It was painted with oil paint and plastered inside.The roof was covered with iron sheets, and complete the two-tiered bell tower was bulbous head.Another was crowned with a dome over the main volume of the church, the diameter of which was equal to its area.

Later, on the orders of the Office, Trinity Cathedral was surrounded by a fence, which prevented a walk around the area of ​​livestock.But after a year and a half after the consecration of the temple was burned down.

recovery after fire

Five years after the fire, the Empress Elizabeth ordered to move out of the temple of the Summer Garden (the material was used) in place of the burnt church.As a result, the drawing van Boles cathedral was rebuilt again.

construction of the project took place Volkova, but in spite of the desire to recreate the building in its present form, on the internal layout and size, as well as the appearance of the Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg was significantly different from the old.He was much less Peter's Church.


A hundred years after the construction of the main temple of the Northern capital it needed restoration again.It was held under the guidance of architect Rusca, by which the cathedral became a warm, double log walls, the gaps between them were filled with lime.And twenty years after that Philippi had to repair damage resulting from the floods.

new overhaul

Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg was restored once again on the orders of the emperor-reformer Alexander II.Under the temple was summed foundation stone, and built a new tower.But, at the behest of the governor, the cathedral was to remain forever wood.

Another fire and the contest for the construction of

In the early twentieth century, the temple again suffered from the fire, which was caused by a malfunction of chimneys.As a result, suffered a belfry and porch, the dome, the attic, the roof remained untouched only the sanctuary.Because of the strong fire oplavilis bell.After that services were held in a temporary temple stood until the end of the restoration.

Famous architects of that time to convince the authorities to restore the cathedral in inappropriate dopozharnom form.As a result, it was decided to implement the ideas that emerged back in previous centuries, the construction of a stone church.Building Committee for its construction was headed by Prince John K. and patronized him personally over the Empress.Before masters was set incredibly complex political and artistic goal - to build a great temple, which the country has not yet happened.

announced in the competition for the best project involved six architects working in the neo-Russian style.As a result, the best judges recognized the work of the Intercession.But the final decision still was behind the Empress, who brought projects of all authors in the Tsar Alexander Palace.

Funds, which conducted the restoration of the temple, stood out under the supervision of the restoration workshop of the Leningrad branch Glavnauka.A restoration project Katonin made on the basis of historical documents.

For more monumentalnsti Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg has received thirteen chapters, nine of which covered the temple, and four are reserved for placement of the bells.The main dome with a cross had a height of thirty-five fathoms.Facade divided pryasel seven on each side.

As for the surviving remnants dopozharnogo temple, they, on the decision of the Synod, should pass a farmstead Shamordino Amvrosinskogo Kazan Monastery in Strelna.This was done against the opinion of the Archaeological Commission of the emperor, but because of the poverty of the body of his opinion is not taken into account.

But six months before the Revolution, John K. refused served as chairman of the committee.A few days later an unknown person has made a request to the Provisional Government with the request to give back the project of restoration Katonin.As a result of these documents, Holy Trinity Cathedral was rebuilt in the form it was before the last fire.

demolished temple

It is a beautiful building with a squat dome for a long time been a city landmark and a monument on the Neva of its social and spiritual life.Although recently conducted restoration, the church was closed, and a few years later, by decision of the Regional Executive Committee, was dismantled Holy Trinity Cathedral.St. Petersburg with its Trinity Square was redesigned over time, and the place of the temple once stood a new building with the surrounding lawn.

About twenty years ago, the idea of ​​the restoration of the church was actively discussed, but a number of reasons prevented its implementation.At the beginning of this century on the corner of a small chapel was built in honor of the Blessed Trinity.