What's palaces?

huge legacy left by our ancestors, has not been fully studied.Gradually the passion to clarify the origin of a religious character or concept fades.In parallel, the lost part of the culture.In order not to lose until the end that so lovingly painstakingly collected our forefathers, you must often turn to the origins of their traditions and customs.It is in the old manuscripts can find answers to questions about what the palaces, who is and where he came from SVAROG sign "swastika."These and many other questions in some detail meets the original culture of the Slavs.This article will look at what is and what is the Halls of the original meaning of the term.

concept Svarog circle of the ancient Slavs

Many centuries ago there was no calendars and watches TV.However, this does not prevent people with accurate guess the time of day, month and time of year.Most of the information is read from knowledgeable ancestors of the sky.It was with the help of it you can find the answer to the question of what the palaces.The starry sky has a plot, in which a single summer (obsolete meaning year) moves the sun - Yarilo (the ecliptic, or the modern zodiac sign).This area is called Svarog Circle.In today's presentation - is Earth's orbit.

Contact zodiacal constellations

concept of "Svarog Circle" is directly related to astrology.If modern science, the earth revolves around the sun, in turn, replacing the twelve signs of the zodiac, the ancient Slavic culture of such marks was sixteen.Each of them was in a certain area Svarog circle, which, in turn, named the palaces.Hence the concept known to all.Gradually replaced Halls zodiacal constellations, and their number has decreased by four units.

patron god by date of birth: ancient Slavic astrology

As mentioned above, all the Halls was sixteen.All of them had their own names and their patrons.Depending on the date one area Svarog circle gave way to another.The following table shows the Halls by date of birth and their patron deity.Using this information, you can get information about the hidden talents of the passions and weaknesses, which people did not even know.

How do you know your Chamber of
name field Svarog circle patron god

effective date of the modern calendar


Chamber of the Bear


07 / 01-31 / 01 (Jan)

2 = // = Buslov Rhode 31 / 01-25 / 02 (January-February)
3 = // = Wolf Velez 25 / 02-22 / 03 (February-March)
4 = // = Fox Madder 22 / 03-14/ 04 (March-April)
5 = // = Tour Kryshen 14 / 04-6 / 05 (April-May)
6 = // = Elk Lada 6 / 05-29 / 05 (May-June)
7 = // = Finista Vyshen 29 / 05-20 / 06 (May-June)
8 = // = Horse Kupala 20 / 06-13 / 07 (June-July)
9 = // = Eagle Perun 13 / 07-4 / 08 (JulyAugust)
10 = // = Race Tarkh 04 / 08-27 / 08 (July-August)
11 = // = Virgin Jiva 27 /08-20 / 09 (August-September)
12 = // = Boar Ramhat 20 / 09-11 / 10 (September-October)
13 = // =Pike give birth 11 / 10-03 / 11 (October-November)
14 = // = Swan Makosh 03 / 1-4 / 11 (November-December)
15 = // = Snake Semargl 24 / 11-16 / 12 (November-December)
16 = // = Crow Kolyada 16 / 12-7 / 01(December-January)

From this table, you can figure out how to know their bridal chamber, depending on the month and date of birth.However, there are characteristics of each area Svarog circle.

interesting that the ancient Slavs months of the year also had other names, different frequency and a different number of days.When compared, it turns out that the modern December and part of January - once the former is an analogue-to-use Beylet (b).In Geylet, exciting February and March, was thirty-seven days.In some other months - from twenty-nine to thirty-five days.In the year, there were only three pore: Ousen, Winter and Spring.Each of them comprises three months.

features one of the parts of the sacred circle of the Old Slavonic

Consider what it means to the bridal chamber Bear.People whom fate was destined to be born in the period from the seventh to the January 31, under the protection of one of the most powerful Slavic gods - Svarog.By their nature, they are very kind and peaceful.However, this does not prevent them to have a sense impulsivity issues.Sometimes they are hidden explosive potential is revealed in words and deeds.Sometimes it is impossible to guess what to expect from a person born in the Bridal Bear.After becoming head of the family, he will do everything possible to his family prospered and was happy."Bears" have the gift to find a way out of various, sometimes very serious and difficult situations.The ancient Slavs believed that the sacred plant person born in this period is raspberry.

Other concepts of the term

However, there are other concepts that reveal to us what the palaces.There are secular and ecclesiastical interpretation of the term under review.Even in czarist times rooms and halls, which were removed from the splendor and wealth, to be called the palaces.Then the meaning of the word began to treat all chambers merchant or noble house.If we turn to church manuscripts, it is possible to find out what was considered a special elevation of the palaces in the Moscow Cathedral of the Assumption.It was there that many married royal couple.There is one phrase which he used the word palaces - palaces mind.It is an abstract concept often used in the literature, characterized by a certain part of our subconscious, which houses an important and valuable information.