Church on the Blood (Yekaterinburg).

can often hear the question: "Why does history teaches nothing?"Answer it is not possible, it is impossible to convince the pessimists that evil will still be defeated by good, or that the truth will prevail.An example is one of the saddest pages of Russian history regarding object Temple on Blood.Ekaterinburg Ipatiev House - the place where in 1918 was destroyed by the family of the last Russian emperor, and in 1981 its members have been canonized martyrs and canonized by the Orthodox Church in 2000.

historical crime

course, the dead do not knownearly a hundred years of rehabilitating, canonized martyrs, and in their place will come the death of thousands of people.But why live, with the sight of hundreds of historical examples do not realize that for centuries the evil would still be evil?It's hard to find the words to talk about Russia not stereotyped phrases, but it's really a great, great country with a tragic fate.Confirmation of this lot.

tragedy of the royal family - inexplicable, very sad page, and any costs not explain the historical process of the execution of an agonizing children.Maybe all of the dynasty have their shameful pages, but the behavior of the Romanovs in respect of their representatives sometimes simply amazing.English cousin did nothing for prisoners condemned to humiliation and death, she said nothing and Germany, although Alexandra was German.And how together all the Romanovs did not want to know about the achievements of Russia during the reign of Fedor Alekseevich.

What Ipatiev House

In tsarist Russia highly valued profession of engineer.Garin-Mikhailovsky is even a novel with the same name.It was a fairly wealthy and respected stratum of the population.The engineer could not afford to live in a two-story mansion.But could imagine Nikolai Ipatiev, a civil engineer, that his name be glorified through the centuries, the house is named after him - Ipatiev, razed to the ground - will be played in the design, part of the general ensemble - Church on the Blood,Yekaterinburg will regain its historical name, and in Russia will be one more holy place?

image of Boris Yeltsin would have been much nicer if on his orders in the 70 years was demolished Ipatiev House.

Correcting historical injustice

in 1990 on the site of the death of the royal family devotees put the first cross.Its demolition and re-set as long as the land was placed under the protection of the church.It has been almost 13 years since the first of the Exaltation of the Cross, and on the site of the death of martyrs in 2003 was consecrated a wonderful ensemble, which became known worldwide under the name of Church on the Blood (Yekaterinburg).The city's name is added to the name of the church always, perhaps not to be confused with the St. Petersburg Cathedral, built on the site of the death of Alexander II the Liberator.In Russia, there is one more temple on Blood - Uglich, where he was stabbed to death by Prince Dmitry.Full name Yekaterinburg Church - Memorial Church on Blood in Honor of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land.Worthy, a beautiful name, amazing original design, very stately ensemble, which stands on a hill, on the hill of the Ascension.

Innocent Victims

All this makes the object of the Temple-on-Blood (Ekaterinburg) desirable place for thousands of pilgrims and tourists.In addition, it is constantly visited by first persons State and senior representatives of the clergy in many countries.It is understandable.The last emperor of a huge great power voluntarily give up power before the arrival of the Bolsheviks, his wife, five young girls, very sick boy and a few close - what can justify killing them?Only an unhealthy mentality and the omnipotence of the media.That there is a scene from the film "Lenin in his 18th year," when an ordinary worker reassures Gorky, who came to the leader to seek pardon of the king.Simple worker says that he will not be living on if the "bloodsucker" not destroy.

hardships construction

The history of the Temple-on-Blood (Yekaterinburg).In the time that has elapsed since the acquisition of land to the construction of the church temple, I had many things: vague in 1991 and the ensuing events.In 2000, Nicholas II and his family were canonized, and in the same year the foundation was laid in the foundation of the future temple of stone.Construction began Patriarch Alexei II.Because nerazberih, which is always full of great beginnings around, the initial draft of Ephraim K. approved before 1991, was repealed, and a new - Morozov, V. Grachev and Mr. Mazaeva.Approaching round date of the death of the royal family - 85 years, and a desire to give, finally granted innocent victims provided a record pace of construction, which was conducted in two shifts of 300 builders.It was an action "Bells of repentance", which allowed to the money collected (as always happened in Russia - in the holy cause, the whole world) cast 11 bells for the belfry of the church.They were stuck back in 2002, and the largest, 5-ton, with a low tone - in 2003. It should be noted that Alexander Novikov, poet and composer, was the initiator and active participant in the fundraising.

very decorated area near Ascension slides new object - Church on the Spilled Blood.Ekaterinburg has acquired a new meaning - a place of repentance.

The unique composition solution

reminder of the evils committed here is the unusual compositional solution - the temple as it rose and ascended over the crime scene.In the foreground is a reconstructed part of the Ipatiev house, located at the base of the church.Here, in the basement is "firing" room, built on the site of genuine.When recovering it have been skilfully incorporated preserved after the demolition of the remains.Here, near the altar is located, a museum, screening room with 160 seats."Firing" room and the altar are lower mortuary temple dedicated to the tragic event, while the top, full of light, is dedicated to the memory of all the saints.

Many churches has Ekaterinburg.Church on the Blood (photo attached) - one of the largest and most beautiful not only in this city, but also in Russia.

device temple

Its area is 3000 square meters.meters.At the height of the five-domed building has risen to 60 meters.The style of the temple Russian-Byzantine, namely the construction of which was extended during the reign of the last Russian emperor.This is according to the authors should symbolize the connection to time and burgundy-red granite, which decorated the facade to a height of 9 meters - the blood spilled here.The building is constructed so that the top of the temple, symbolizing the eternal light lit in honor of all the saints, is seen dark place of execution of the royal family.Around the perimeter of the temple are bronze icons of the most revered saints in Russia - 48 pieces.The spaces between them made in the form of arches, often decorated with quotations from the Psalter.

beautiful icons that you want to see

Even simple description speaks of extraordinary originality of construction, located at the Temple on Blood, Yekaterinburg.Icons also this holy place deserves special enthusiastic words.Himself iconostasis is in the room at the top, the largest dome.Arranged in a circle window location - up the hill, there is always a lot of light.On sunny days, especially good iconostasis of rare white marble.He is big enough - the height of 13 meters span width reaches 30.Himself porcelain iconostasis designed and made the workshop "Terem" under the leadership of Simonenko.On it are unique icons.One of them, made of Ural gems in the style of Byzantine mosaics, is dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.The works were carried out "Uraldragmet-holding."In the left wing are arranged icons dedicated Martyrs on - members of the royal family.

most revered icon of the Mother of God "Three Hands" - another pearl of this extraordinary iconostasis.Unique is located at this temple for cancer relics of Seraphim of Sarov.

can talk about this extraordinary location a lot, but it is better to see it.Far spread the fame of the beauty of the complex called the Temple of the Blood (Yekaterinburg).The tour here is becoming more popular for visitors from all points of the country and abroad, which is known for the tragic fate of the royal family.There are many hotels, organized advertising sensible and convenient routes.This temple was the pearl of Russian Orthodoxy.