Manage your emotions and see how life has changed

man as a rational being comes into the world to know it.Getting to know, the world we are smart, beautiful, desired.Each person is unique and talented.The most important thing for a person - the development, self-awareness and work on them.You have a bad mood, smile!Smile, even if you are very bad, and the body does not remain in debt.In fact, everything in the body is interconnected, a common emotion such as a smile launches multifunctional process, which involved not only muscles but also the hormones.During smiles into the blood ejected hormone serotonin, which is responsible for improving the mood and helps get rid of stress hormones.Thus, learning to do self-examination, you learn to control your mood, emotions that will affect positively in all directions.Not for nothing in such a famous song sung ,null, the smile will brighten all .... ,null,. As a rule, controlling your mood you run a huge mechanism that includes a big key to success.
directing thoughts in a positive direction, you protect themselves from disease and depression.People prone to depression seek help from professionals, and those in turn prescribe antidepressants, which may further adversely affect both the physical and the mental health of a person.Long-term use of such drugs can be addictive or dependence on treatment costs and will need a lot of money.

visit places where going to a lot of people of different and interesting people.Talking to people always brings about changes, we have something to learn or learn.See positive films, read informative literature, take time to be with yourself and do self-examination, listen to music and be sure to dance.In dance, you can learn to control their bodies and express emotions.You can even sign up for dancing, there you will gain new friends and get only positive charge.Or draw a fractal.Yes, there is one more thing, you can force to do everything to make you come out of yourself and have done a lot of irreparable acts.But you already know about it and are ready to properly assess the situation.In life there are situations of varying complexity.Do not worry if you yourself will not be able to control your emotions and find yourself in a difficult situation.Out have- a psychologist.And it is not necessary to record an appointment to spend time waiting for the queue.Quality advice, self-analysis and advice can always poluchitna site where consults a psychologist online.