What is the biggest dump truck in the world?

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In the world there are several models of the giant trucks used in heavy industry, for quarrying.All of these supercars are each unique in its class.It is not surprising that every year between producers held a kind of competition: whose dump most lifting, high-speed and endurance.A separate line denotes question "what country made the biggest dump truck in the world."Technological progress is unstoppable.Characteristics of cars reached fantastic heights.This production technology continues to improve.Therefore, the largest truck in the world can appear unexpectedly, as happened many times.Parameters, characteristics and dimensions of the new models on a regular basis are calculated by the competent experts in research centers.Analytical work of engineering services has an international dimension.

Mining giants

largest truck in the world, BelAZ-75710, Mining giant unmatched, was presented at the test site 25 September 2013.The machine is produced in the factories of "BelAZ", located in the town of Zhodino near Minsk.Specifications are impressive truck, it takes on board 450 tons of cargo, while its European and American counterparts only raise 380 tons.Giant weighs 810 tonnes, but it is capable of speeds up to 64 km / h.Although such speed on the quarrying does not make sense, but the fact of such dynamics indicates the unprecedented power of the car.The new car was given the title "The biggest dump truck in the world 2013".Over the past year in the world rankings does not add any career car that could get ahead of BelAZ-75710 in their characteristics.Therefore, with the full rights of Belarusian giant can wear the title "The biggest dump truck in the world in 2014".Release career giant began, the first machines are already working in the largest sections worldwide.

During operation the biggest dump in the world is generally moving in the territory of the mining section at a speed of 10-12 km / h.Machine maintenance is periodic inspection of the powerplant and chassis.Mechanics operate on the principle "is easier to prevent damage than to fix it."Repair dump truck is only possible at the specialized enterprises, equipped with lifting mechanisms type cranes.And from the quarry to the repair the car has to deliver on several tractors.Technical service centers manufacturers are trying to place in the area of ​​the greatest accessibility to the career or the mountain section, staffed dump.Otherwise, the issue of delivery of the machine to the place of repair and back can result in a large amount.Therefore, there is a special intermediary firms that are engaged in the optimization of the location of service centers.Moreover, experience shows that the owners of large industrial developments in the production of raw materials and minerals quarry purchase equipment from the same manufacturer.This allows you to work for years on an established pattern with the least losses.Service material part is usually carried out by experts of the manufacturer, who come to the place on a certain schedule.

Fuel consumption - 500 liters per hour.A lot or a little?

largest truck in the world has, accordingly, heavy-duty power unit, which consists of two diesel generators which produce a total thrust of 8,500 liters.s., and energizes the four actuator for rotating the wheels.Electric motors drive the wheel dump truck with a full load of the body with the maximum traction force.And the empty car moving at 50-tiprotsentnogo reset the power is turned off for that one of the diesel generators.Diesel fuel consumption in full operation is about 500 liters per hour.As we can see, the biggest truck consumes a huge amount of fuel.However, the cost of diesel fuel - is nothing compared to the economic benefit, which is expressed by seven-digit numbers.And thanks to a career giant dump trucks.

Camcorders and other useful devices

equipment dump truck BelAZ-75710 includes a complex but effective fire extinguishing system and to see the "dead" zones around the vehicle.To do this, on the perimeter of the car there are eight permanent cameras that transmit information on the monitor in the driver's cab.The double spacious cabin placed driver operator and navigator.Besides cine, truck equipped with a special device, warning of the approach to the high-voltage lines.The cabin has air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.The largest dump truck in the world of BelAZ-75710 is a supercar designed to work in difficult conditions at a temperature of minus 50 to plus 50 degrees.Source machine allows it to operate around the clock.

largest truck in the world characteristics


  • length - 20 m 600 cm.
  • height - 8170 mm.
  • width - 9750 mm.

weighting characteristics:

  • Weight without loading truck - 360 000 kg.
  • Capacity - 450 tons.
  • Gross weight - 810 tons.


  • Two diesel generators with capacity 4664 liters.from.each, the total energy of 8,500 liters.from.
  • Number of cylinders - 32, in-line arrangement.
  • Fuel consumption - 500 liters per hour.
  • Number of fuel tanks - 2 to 2800 liters.
  • Drive - electric motors on each rear wheel 1200 kW.


  • tubeless tires - 59/80 R63, radial tread career type, resistant to damage.

story of

Development and manufacturing of truck BelAZ-75710 have been caused by an increase in demand for heavy-duty vehicles for the mining industry.Existing machines are no longer cope with the volume of transported material.In recent years, around the world there is a tendency to an increase in the release of giant trucks.And their number is not limited to some specific rules, so great a need for career carrier.The more of these vehicles will be produced, the better for the world economy.Taking into account the needs, market demand and its capacity Belarusian company plans to launch production in 1000 trucks a year.And this is only a plan to release the latest generation of machines.In addition to the new car BelAZ-75710, will continue production of the previous models, which are not yet obsolete.

The predecessor model 75710 is BelAZ-75601, which has been successfully operating in hundreds of career sections worldwide.It has the following characteristics:

  • length - 14 m 900 cm.
  • height - 7220 mm.
  • width - 9250 mm.
  • Weight without loading truck - 250 000 kg.
  • Capacity - 360 tons.
  • Gross weight - 610 tons.
  • Engine - capacity 3807 liters.s., 2800 kW.
  • Fuel consumption - 500 liters per hour.
  • tubeless tires - 59/80 R63, radial tread career type, resistant to damage.


factory capacity "BelAZ" constantly expanding, in the last three years was built a few new shops with total area of ​​30 thousand square meters.It was established 700 high-tech machine tools, introduction of modern production methods.Today, "BelAZ" holds the world championship on a variety of its vehicles, its range has about twenty modifications of dump trucks.Along with increased production of higher quality machines.More than half of Belarusian grew resource giants, now it is 1 million kilometers - before there were 400 thousand.


Quarry equipment, descended from the assembly line in Zhodino, is sent around the world.Mining industry in various countries willing to take a dump Belarusian production: reliable, trouble-free and fully ensure quality maintenance.Complaint is not seen - too much they can do.Therefore, the release of the mining equipment is strictly controlled at all stages of production.In addition, developers are trying not to complicate the design of the machine, in order to avoid breakdowns.Each manufacturer is familiar with the proverb "where the thin, there and tear", so everything is done thoroughly, with multiple safety factor.

global competitors in the category "The biggest dump in the world" at various times included other representatives such vehicles.For example, the Japanese giant quarries Komatsu 930E-3SE, which is a major achievement of the country in the production of heavy equipment for the mining industry.Characteristics Komatsu 930E dump impressive.The machine is equipped with a 18-titsilindrovym turbo diesel engine capacity of 3500 liters.from.Torque Motor unprecedented, it is 1900 rpm.The length of the giant - 15.5 meters, while the vehicle is capable of carrying 290 tons of cargo.When fully loaded truck weighs about 800 tons.

machine carries the crankcase 340 liters of engine oil and the cooling system is filled with 720 liters of antifreeze.Driving power transmission to the wheels of the Japanese truck usual for such machines: the motor transmits rotation to the alternator which powers the electric motors.


career Another truck from the "biggest dump in the world" - is American-made machine from Caterpillar 797V, which is on a number of parameters and technical characteristics radically different from their "brothers".In its design no wheeled electric, chassis is a huge diesel engine capacity of 117 liters, which transmits rotation through a seven-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels.Half of the driver passed on to the central computer unit that successfully controls several dozen parameters, aligning key performance components and assemblies truck.

have "American" sophisticated braking system is radically different from other mining giants devices.Most supercars working on mining sections, principle of electrodynamic braking, and "Caterpillar" he hydraulic, that is, in fact, a normal car.To improve efficiency, the area of ​​the brake discs was increased to 32 square meters in total terms.For example: it is almost three times more than in the discs of the Japanese truck Komatsu 930. Cooling Pad American cars at the expense of a few oil radiators.

Liebherr T282B

main competitor machines BelAZ-75710 is a career truck Liebherr T282B, which is also on the list of "The biggest dump."Supercar Liebherr T282B called "the eighth wonder of the world" in 2004 at the premiere in Germany.While the new car made a splash earlier unprecedented ratio of its own weight and the volume of cargo that truck could carry.For this indicator, the car came in first place and held an honorary position until BelAZ-75710 in 2013.World ranking titled "The biggest dump" is regularly updated.But not yet created a machine that could get ahead of BelAZ-75710 and Liebherr T282B.However, since progress is not in place, is expected in the near future the emergence of new masterpiece of engineering in the field of career development.

So, have determined that the largest after the Belarusian truck giant - a German competitor.Power plant Liebherr T282B is a classic combination of parameters dump trucks: diesel generator - inverter - motor.20 titsilindrovy diesel engine is mated to an alternator is over the front wheels, traction motors mounted in the rear axle.Brakes combined.Each wheel mounted resistor energy absorbers.To help these brakes have two drive the rear wheels and one front.All drives are hydraulic disc brakes.

Inaccessible BelAZ-75710

largest truck in the world, a photo of which are presented on the page - it's still a giant orange, descended from the conveyor in the Belarusian city of Zhodino.Engineering staff of "BelAZ" is currently preparing a series of improvements that would further strengthen the already high rating model 75710. Thus, the largest truck in the world, capacity of which exceeds 450 tons, it is unattainable in the next few years for manufacturers and competitors.

Manufacturing of mining equipment due to the very high costs.Therefore, in the world there is no new major manufacturers.But come in a variety of contractors who are able to produce high-quality components and assemblies for machines working in the mining industry.This engine builders, the company for the production of supershin and other specialized enterprises are available to collaborate.Career automotive equipment is expensive, the price of high-end truck reaches five to six million dollars.However, the machine justifies the costs in the first two years, thus bringing a significant profit.

Dumpers giants never idle, in most cases, this technique works around the clock.Manual cut fossil should be just in time to prepare the driving part, and the rest will make BelAZ, Caterpiller and Komatsu.