Basic rules of business lunches

Lunch can be arranged during the break to combine business meeting or a conversation with your meal.
In the first case, at the table, as a rule, do not talk about business.
second - discussion of operational issues should start only after dessert.

If lunch is part of the workshop, in the restaurant must book a private room or a room, as the negotiators are not always interested in the disclosure of their themes.

If the initiative comes from the woman's invitation, invited the man can take the initiative in choosing a restaurant, and then when you pay bills, although not required to do so.
When a business lunch woman invites a woman, the initiator of the meeting itself must delicately negotiate the place where they meet.

choosing a restaurant, the management of their own experiences.
Only then can you be sure that you will not lie in wait for surprises, such as a cold soup, fruit or stale-track waiter.
Such incidents can spoil the impression of you and the company that you represent.

Even if you are taking one or two guests, a table at the restaurant must be booked in advance.
initiator of the meeting appears at the restaurant 10 minutes before the appointed time, took a seat at the table and tells the waiter, whom he waits.
reserving a table, it is best to ask for a place away from the center, it will help create a more relaxed atmosphere.

to think about the purpose of the meeting and not about food, going to a business lunch, a snack.

representative of the host country, ordering lunch menu, must take into account the tastes and habits of its guests.If
business partner - your good friend and you do not just dined with him, every one of you chooses a dish to suit your tastes.
better to abandon the complex used dishes, such as oysters or spaghetti.
Desirably, the dish was not too delicacy and not too sharp.After
guest can be ulcer or not versed in the secrets of etiquette man, and your choice will put him in an awkward position.For the same reason, do not ask questions when the interviewee puts something in her mouth.In turn, try to eat small pieces so that you can speak freely.

However, the rush to solve business problems in the beginning of the meal is not necessary.
can exchange a few words first on general topics, excluding issues of religion, politics and private life.

for the meeting should be well prepared in advance and get as much information about the interlocutor and the company he represents.
At the end of the meal, you can go to the ease of business conversation, if necessary, periodically returning to the conversation on general topics.

After dinner, invited to offer dessert, but did not insist - perhaps a guest in a hurry.

business lunch can be arranged at any of the members of management of the company at home, if there is enough spacious and representative premises.
In this case, specially invited staff.
However, most such devices are in a restaurant or a club where there are appropriate conditions and opportunities.

5 reasons for deciding to organize a business dinner

1. Daytime is the most productive.
2. originality.If you decided to stand out and be remembered, to please or surprise - is the right way.Even the gloomy over a cup of good coffee in unusual circumstances will feel more liberated.
3. Universal readiness.Lunch time is convenient for "owls", and for "larks."An invitation to dinner will be made certain.
4. corporate interests.This is the time of day can be used for round tables, seminars, conferences, presentations.
5. neutral territory.If it's a coffee shop or restaurant, guest feel more comfortable than in your office.

on the book A. Gronchi."Breakfast lunch dinner."