Is hypnosis at a distance

literal translation from the Greek word "hypnosis" means "dream".Consequently, all of us at least once a day immersed in hypnosis.Our brain gives up the reality around us, we see what is really there, and happens to us what actually happens.Sometimes - with a long and tedious journey, and in turn these situations - we fall into a state where we cease to notice the surrounding bustling world.We mentally step back from it, we present ourselves not in a stuffy public transport and not in the lineup, and elsewhere, are more comfortable in a different environment with other people.It is also a kind of hypnosis - Sandman, a half-sleep in the waking state.

But the difference between a simple dream of hypnosis?The answer is obvious: during normal sleep, our brain is immersed in slumber, is disconnected from the realities of the world under the influence of natural factors - fatigue of the day, the biological clock that makes us feel sleepy at night, in some cases - from the effects of hypnotics.And in the case of hypnosis sleep, a sense of calm, peace descends upon us because of the very specific volitional influence of another person.Then, when the other person uses hypnosis at a distance or with a light touch (for example, the touch of his hand to his forehead).

phenomenon of hypnosis is known since the days of ancient Egypt.It is widely used in the noble purpose of recovery from various diseases, as well as for criminal purposes of fraud, the subordination of the human psyche to another, manipulating people in their sometimes selfish, purposes.Until now the mechanics of this phenomenon has not been studied, although hypnosis distance is widely used in medicine and even in advertising.Do all acts of hypnosis?First of all, it affects the human psyche, his feelings.And if people have different ideas about what a cold, heat, pain thresholds are different, then the psyche of different people can be more or less resistant to hypnosis.It is suggestible people subconsciously yearns to buy shampoo commercials he had seen on television, while a rational and balanced person does not take it easy on faith "the image of the victim," inspires street swindler.But such people can be treated with hypnosis at this specialist after a few sessions, when a skeptical attitude to the doctor replaced credibility.

As this phenomenon affects the human psyche, the medical hypnosis at a distance is used exclusively for the treatment of diseases in the nervous system.There are cases (very rarely) when under the influence of hypnosis ceased to grow, if not disappeared cancer tumors, but here we are dealing with, most likely, with the mobilization of hidden reserves of the organism, increase immune protection.Healing of paralysis when hypnosis is only possible when they do occur from nervous shock or associated with a mental disorder.In general, hypnosis at a distance is a widely used method for treating depression, stuttering, enuresis, bulimia, phobias and addictions, insomnia, asthma, vegetative-vascular dystonia, it helps to improve memory, relieve stress, improve self-esteem.

How is the process of hypnosis?Usually, the patient sits in a comfortable position for him and asked to stare at a shiny object, spinning rainbow disc or a crystal ball.Under the influence of psychedelic, relaxing music, soft lighting and muted calm, measured voice of the hypnotist, the patient falls into a state of light, medium or deep trance.Sometimes the doctor uses hypnosis look when establishes contact with the eyes of the patient.

In some cases, in order to achieve long-term effects of the therapy, the doctor uses hypnosis is induced, ie, "provides the installation."This setting helps the patient after treatment and have no traction, such as smoking or alcohol, to refrain from the online games and the like depending.