Installation of tachographs in trucks.

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Every year the industry and turnover of Russia is gradually increasing.Accordingly, it is possible to observe a large development of the sphere of cargo transportation, especially road.However, the prerequisite for which goods may be transported on trucks, is the presence of the tachograph.

What is this device

Tachograph is a technical control device that performs the function of registering information about the route and the speed of a particular vehicle.Also, this device is able to control the mode of work and rest of the driver.All this information is recorded in the so-called "puck" (you can see it in the photo below) or an electronic chip.


Depending on the manner in which the device records the information (in the form of electronic or mechanical), there are several types of tachographs:

  1. Analog.
  2. Digital.They have gained great popularity in Europe in the 2000s and replaced by an analog gauges.

What is the difference between digital and analogue tachograph

The main difference between these devices is a method of storing information.Digital tachographs are special smart card, where all data is stored in an electronic digital form.Analog same record in the round record sheets.These "goals" are disposable.They have to use the driver during the day, after which the lid is opened the tachograph, and in its place set new notebook sheet.

Features Analog Devices

Such devices include three pen.Recently while driving and parking are cut marks on the circular chart ("puck") whose surface is covered with a layer of wax.This sheet displays the following options:

  1. vehicle speed.
  2. kilometers driven for a certain amount of time.
  3. mode driver.

last parameter is divided into a few more categories.In the driver's special symbols displayed while driving, rest and other working hours.Among them, it should be noted a moment.For analogue tachographs displayed during standby or sleep in the cabin of the second driver.That is, knowing all the inscriptions on the "puck", can be up to a minute to determine how long, how far, and how fast moving truck on a certain route.By the way, the route is also indicated on the sheet (albeit manually).On the "puck" is a special field where the driver writes the daily working period, the place of origin and destination, number of rests and other work done outside the cargo vehicle.

Features digital devices

digital tachograph to the truck were installed almost all European motor companies from 2003-2004.These devices consist of two parts:

  1. «Unit" of the vehicle.
  2. speedometer.

tachograph works is very simple.Truck unit receives the signal from the sender (this element is located in the PPC), which goes on at the speedometer, where the driver can see it.Time signal is set to UTC.Himself unit has a built-in system memory that can store data for all drivers and their driving during the period of 12 months.There is also fixed all the errors that occurred in the unit, the last calibration mark regulatory authorities, as well as any attempt to interfere with the system.

Which car to install

Act tachographs in trucks states that for the execution of domestic and international transport of this unit must be equipped with the following types of vehicles:

  1. machines weighing more than 15 tons (including tractors).
  2. Trucks weighing 3.5 to 15 tons.
  3. Trucks carrying dangerous goods of ADR.

These three categories of vehicles fall under the law on tachographs.Truck "Gazelle" installation of these devices is not mandatory action.

addition, the installation of tachographs apply to buses whose gross weight is over 15 tons.It is not necessary to install these devices on conventional vans, which carry out urban and suburban passenger services.


Since 2014 the Ministry of Transport approved the new penalties that apply to individuals and legal entities for the absence of tachograph in the vehicle.For example, if a truck is not an appropriate device to the driver (or company) imposed a fine of from 1 to 3 thousand rubles.The same amount can be discharged in time for the defective or not calibrated tachograph.Recall that every 3 years this unit passes the calibration due to the specialized services.

for violation of the regime of work and rest on the driver is assigned a penalty of 1 and 10 thousand rubles (for individuals and legal entities, respectively).

How much can install tachographs for lorries

price for the installation of these devices ranges from 10 to 20 thousand rubles.Replacing an analog device - about 15 thousand.Installation of tachographs in trucks includes a range of activities.These include:

  • installation.
  • activation unit.
  • Initial Calibration.
  • Sealing control unit.

Note that the installation of tachographs produced exclusively by trained craftsmen.Independently make the installation and calibration is impossible.And any illegal interference in the system is punishable by a fine.The installation of tachographs for lorries is only in specialized workshops.They have all the necessary permits to work with such devices.

Many companies offer the service "with the installation of the tachograph."That means you are buying from a company device, and you do it immediately installed on the vehicle.Should such a service from 35 to 50 thousand rubles, depending on the device type (digital or analog).The installation of tachographs for lorries takes no more than 3-4 hours.You can also order the installation of a GPRS-modem in the device.This way you will always know exactly where your truck is at any given time.

So, we found out, be sure you need the installation of tachographs for trucks and dismantled especially digital and analog devices.