The fine for overdue insurance in 2015

Under the law, every car owner must annually to insure your car.A mandatory policy that you want to buy is insurance.However, some unscrupulous drivers will not hurry with the reissuance of a new treaty and continue to ride on the roads with an expired document.Naturally, it is punishable by law, and for such a violation will have to pay a penalty.On what will be charged for overdue insurance in 2015, will be discussed in this article.

Validity policy

At the conclusion of a new insurance contract and its payment should first of all inquire about its validity.This fact just need to know, so you do not ask the inspector: "What a fine for overdue insurance?".

In the recent past it was possible to purchase insurance for a minimum period, which was only three months.In 2015, the period of validity of the policy has increased to one year.Thus, twelve months after the conclusion of the insurance contract driver must renew or purchase new insurance from another insurer.If for some reason, the car owner was not able to buy a new insurance or just forgot to do it, then the company without the participation of the insurer automatically extends the binding contract.If the two months prior to the termination of the policy the insurer told the driver that he would not renew the contract, the company will terminate it on the day after expiration.Thus, the car owner without insurance is, if it is, of course, did not buy a new one in another organization.

overdue and accident insurance - consequences

often such situations occur that in case of an accident at the guilty party is overdue liability insurance policy tool.What to do and what the penalty for overdue insurance in this case?The fact that there are several options, depending on which will be calculated and the fine.For example, there is a term of the policy, as is the period of use of the vehicle for the insurance.If a motorist uses the car only a few months of the year, the insurance contract specifies the period.If he sat behind the wheel in one month, which is not written in the policy, and cause an accident, his insurance will be considered delinquent.Then the offender faces an administrative penalty, which prescribes the traffic police.The fine for overdue insurance coverage will be 800 rubles.You can pay at any bank or through payment terminals using the payment system.By the way, to restore the damage caused to the injured party is the perpetrator of the accident and not the insurance company.

fine for driving with an expired insurance

In the case where the traffic policeman stopped the car, and the driver did not have a mandatory insurance policy, he will write him a fine of 500 rubles.Indeed, there are cases when the insurance stays at home due to the usual forgetfulness.Then the car owner can appeal the decision the traffic police in court.Only this should occur no later than 10 days after discharge protocol.This fact does not mean that the existence of the policy allows the driver to drive without it.Thus, the current insurance should be in the car at the time when the driver operates them.Its absence is an offense, and then the vehicle owner will be charged with an administrative penalty in the amount of 500 rubles, and equated as a penalty for overdue insurance.

How to extend the validity of the policy?

enough to come to the office and write a statement on the extension of its period of validity.The agent will make these changes to the database and register a new contract for another year.The driver need only pay for insurance at rates that will apply in the next period.

If motorist caught that drove a vehicle at the wrong time, which is indicated in the contract, apart from the fact that he would have to pay fines for overdue insurance, so also need to pay for the policy.

How to enter other driver

there are options when the vehicle is decorated in the company, and the driver that controls it fits into insurance.If it does not, in the case of stopping and checking documents will be issued a fine on the company.So before you send the route of its employees should make sure they have the right to operate this vehicle.To enter in insurance entities, which in the future will be to drive a car, you need to at the conclusion of the agreement to inform the agent of the company.Coefficient calculation will then be slightly different than in per driver.There is a logical question: "How many fines for overdue insurance will be in this situation?".Everything remains the same, as well as with individuals, that is, the rejection of insurance - 800 rubles, for the forgotten insurance - 500 rubles.

If there was a new driver after your policy, you should immediately get to the office of the organization and pay extra fee for changes in the calculation of insurance.

Useful tips

Thus, from the above it can be concluded that there are several types of administrative penalty for the absence of the policy.And what a fine for overdue insurance prescribe the traffic police will be addressed exclusively to them depending on the situation.The most flagrant offense under the law is a failure of the driver to insure their third party liability, for which he must pay 800 rubles.And so every time it stopped.In other cases, as mentioned above, the penalty will amount to 500 rubles, and the removal of license plates in all situations.

course, would be cheaper to buy one policy, than each time to pay the fine for overdue insurance.All the more so with each passing year increases the size of the sanctions, and soon they will be equated to the full cost of the annual contract to the protection of third party liability.