Academy Konopleva (Tolyatti) - the most modern football center of the Volga region

If until recently the city of Samara Region, named after the famous Italian communist Palmiro Togliatti famous exclusively domestic production of cars in the last decade, he took a prominent place on the map Russian football schools.

Academy Konopleva (Tolyatti): major milestones creation and development

you got the basics of the art of football stars such domestic Premier League, Alan Dzagoev and Artur Yusupov.Football Academy them.Konopleva (Tolyatti) - is one of the most famous today nurseries Russian football talent.Just six graduates of sports training center triumphantly completed the junior championship in 2006.The most famous of them former Spartak I. Gorbatenko, he is now quite successfully for the "Wings of the Soviets" his native Samara.

Academy Konopleva (Tolyatti) originated from the school of Olympic reserve "Lada", opened in 2003 in the town of Primorsk Samara region.The main inspiration of this process was local businessman YP Konoplev, which has set itself the ambitious task - to turn a mediocre football school in one of the best educational institutions of the country, the graduates of which over time could compete with the best institutions of the same from Moscow, St. Petersburg,Rostov and Kazan.

success exceeded all expectations.Academy Konopleva (Tolyatti), which in the mid-2000s was called "Wings of the Soviets' efforts of its founder in a matter of years, came to the forefront in the Volga region.Representing her team began to regularly win prizes at regional and national competitions, and the highest level of infrastructure allowed the Academy in 2006 to win the title of the best in Russia.

However, in this year's misfortune.In the fortieth year of life died Yuri Konoplev, which led to a significant reduction in funding and rather marked drop in results.Football Academy Konopleva (Tolyatti) (the name she was given a year after the death of its founder) has experienced a lot of very difficult stages, several times was on the verge of closure, while in 2013 it on its balance sheet did not take the administration of the Samara region.Government support has enabled not only to overcome the financial and infrastructural difficulties and reassert itself at a national level.

Academy Konopleva today: infrastructure breakthrough

Today Konopleva Academy (Tolyatti) is a first-class sports and educational center, which allows adolescents and young adults 10-18 years old to learn the basics of football skills from leading specialists and teachers.At the same time management of the center and pays special attention to the educational process, making sure that the students of the Academy received a good general education knowledge and skills.

Academy Konopleva (Tolyatti), has all the necessary infrastructure.Its core are ten football fields, exactly half of them - natural.All of them have international certificates of compliance and allow us not only to carry out the training process, but also to conduct competitions for children and junior level from the regional to the international level.

Football Academy Konopleva (Tolyatti) modern technologies for recovery of athletes

Today sport is impossible without modern medical rehabilitation base.Academy named Konopleva (Tolyatti) incorporates not only several baths and a swimming pool is not only equipped with the latest gym, but several Jacuzzi baths, which are due to increased oxygen content, promote a much more rapid recovery of the body of young athletes.

Problems and prospects of development of the sports center

One of the main problems for the development of any Russian football academy is to have the opportunity to promote their students in masters teams.Academy Konopleva (Tolyatti) is in this regard in a far less favorable position than educational institutions such giants as "Spartacus" and "Dynamo".The flagship of the region - "Wings of the Soviets" - experienced in recent years a significant crisis, so the main springboard for the students of the Academy of Russian prefabricated steel of different ages.It is in this way have been at one time the same Dzagoev and Yusupov, that youth teams are considered by many as an excellent springboard guys to get into the top Russian teams.

Football Academy named Konopleva (Tolyatti) - a great example of that in the professional approach you can achieve impressive results even in the football region in Russia.