How is the welding of polypropylene pipes with their own hands

welding polypropylene pipes with your hands is made simply and quickly, but some knowledge of the commission of this procedure, you need to have.Naturally, you should have at least minimum notion on the work of the equipment that is used to connect plastic.

What materials are needed for the job?

welding polypropylene pipes with your hands is done with the use of such materials and tools:

  • specific unit, whose power must not be less than 1500 watts (it is desirable that it can be connected to an ordinary wall socket 220V);
  • fixing, whereby it will be possible to fix part of the plastic elements;
  • Allen and level;
  • roulette (for marking pipes);
  • special scissors used for cutting elements;
  • contact thermometer;
  • cotton cloth;
  • template holes.

Getting Started

welding polypropylene pipes, with their hands carried out, needs some preparation.For example, the unit, which will produce a compound of the elements must be equipped with a special nozzle.She, in turn, is required to be well secured.Apparatus for welding of polypropylene pipes (solder) it is necessary to heat well and maintain a stable temperature.It should fluctuate in the redistribution of 250-270 degrees.

desirable place to be connected, and warm, natural clean cloth.This action will prevent damage to a coating of Teflon.To the joint was well cooked, the edge portions of the pipe is desirable to carefully craft a degreasing agent.Be sure to consider all the angles at which the elements must be cut to maximize the connection was strong and precise.

features of the work and some of the nuances perform actions

If you will be welding polypropylene pipes, instruction involves a sequence of actions:

  1. After basic training should be marked plastic.That is, using the marker on the pipe is necessary to put a mark by which you cut them.To do this, use a tape measure.For cutting the need to apply a special locking structure.
  2. Then take care of the flatness of the edges of the pipe elements.They should not have any cracks, burrs and other defects.This can be used fine sandpaper.
  3. to connect the elements you'll need fittings.They need to put a portion of the pipe before heating.After that, the edge can be treated with a soldering iron.Further elements are simply connected to each other and soldered.Naturally, this should be done carefully to get quality seams and smooth.

There are certain features, because of which the welding of polypropylene pipes, with their hands pursued, need special care and attention.For example, you should remain spare elements that can be used instead of the spoiled.Before performing any work, all payments must be made on paper.Perhaps you will want to draw a diagram of the pipe joint.

desirable to observe all the necessary precautions that will enable you to quickly get the job done and do not suffer.The temperature to which the heated soldering iron, is very high, so the rough handling equipment, you can get seriously injured.All the action is best done in a garage or other devices indoors.