Northeast chord: Highway in Moscow

New Northeast chord will be held from the October Railway (west), and will provide input to the capital paid highway "Moscow - St. Petersburg."Plan for the construction of new Moscow road was approved in 2012. At that time, projects have been agreed both chords - and the west, and east.At the same time, among other activities were planned reconstruction of the Leningrad Avenue intersection and street.Trade-union with Moscow.


highway along the periphery of the North-East chord will connect the northern and south-eastern part of the capital, that is, the areas most densely populated.In the east, in one part of it will go along the Ring Road.This road will connect major highways such as the Schelkovskoe, Altufevskoe, Izmailovo and Open.From Businovskaya junction on the ring road, motorists are driving around in two directions - the north-west and north-east.At the same time the Moscow Ring Road in the south will have to expand if the authorities decide to extend a two chords to it.It is also possible that this pipeline will be connected South ROKADA.This was back in 2012, said Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Marat Khusnullin.

Northeast chord, first, will connect the capital with the western bypass Odintsovo, and secondly, after the east to the junction "Veshnyaki-Lyubertsy."After that planned to build highway, on which it will be possible to pass on Noginsk.

project area chords on w.Enthusiasts to Moscow

feature of the project Northeast chord is that it's developed parts.In 2012 projects have been approved sites - from isolation to Businovskaya Street.Festival and the overpass at the intersection of ul.Taldomskaya October with w / q.In 2013, following competitions were announced:

  1. The section from w.Enthusiasts to the ring road.
  2. The section from w.Izmailovsky to w.Schelkovskogo.

In the first case had been scheduled activities such as:

  1. Construction of interchange at the intersection of the chord from the street.Kuskovskaya.
  2. Construction of the overpass at the intersection with the street.Youth.
  3. Construction of a pedestrian crossing at the point where the North-East chord come to Moscow.
  4. Reconstruction of railway tracks, and the Kazan Gorky direction.
  5. Communication chord with isolated Veshnyaki-Lyubertsy near the station "Highway of Enthusiasts" on the 8th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road.

plan also envisaged the construction of pedestrian crossings in the following areas:

  1. between the street and the Red Kazanets Vostruhina.
  2. Kazan glades between the first and the first alley Maevka.
  3. the platform and output (southern and northern) metro station "Vykhino."
  4. Kuskovskaya between the clearing and street Maevok.
  5. Karacharovsky between the highway and Kuskovskaya.

The length of this area amounted to more than 8.5 km.

project Schelkovskoe - Izmailovo highway

The project laid the activities such as the construction of Congresses:

  1. On Shchelkovo highway towards the center.
  2. After weaving the street at District travel.
  3. on the circle in the direction of travel w.Enthusiasts.
  4. On Shchelkovo highway toward the open highway along the chord.

And races:

  • on the open highway from the street.Soviet;
  • on Shchelkovo highway from the street.Soviet towards the region;
  • from 1st lane Izmailovskii zoo.

This site Northeast chord has three overpasses.It envisages the construction of a tunnel on the two-lane, two above ground and eight underpasses.

Triangle replace Fourth Ring Road

As already mentioned, it is possible that two new line of North-East and North-West South ROKADA connect.The latter will begin on Rublevsky highway, go to the New Riga, and further on Aminevskoe highway.However, under development and other projects.In the case of the chord will be stretched to the Moscow Ring Road, a triangle instead of PTC.The decision in this case will depend on what kind of project would be cheaper.The lack of cross-roads - the fact that in recent years is clearly evident in this great metropolis like Moscow.Northeast chord for this reason will be stretched across the city.

Directions for two overpasses Congress, as well as w / w via e overpass.Enthusiasts opened in 2012.In addition it was built section of the main road with the length of almost 2 km.The total project covers approximately 25 km of roadway.Plot CHKT between w.Enthusiasts and Izmailovo should be commissioned in 2015

Approximate cost of the project

assumed that the construction of the North-East of the chord will cost Moscow authorities 70 billion. Rubles.Khusnullin in August last year, said that the costs would amount to no more than 30 - 35 billion. Rubles.The authorities had to find an optimal balance between cost and capacity of the future highway.In that case, if there is built a large number of different kinds of artificial objects, the track becomes faster, but also more expensive.

Competition: section of the highway to Schelkovskogo

Open earlier this year opened two overpasses in the interval from the highway enthusiasts to Izmailovsky.Competition for the construction of the next section was announced in December 2013. The results were summarized at the beginning of March this year.It involves the construction of at least three to four-line in only one direction.The road will run along the MC MOR from Shchelkovo highway to st.LOSINOOSTROVSKY.The length of the section will be 3.2 km.This is approximately 10% of the chord length.According to the project in this area will be carried out the following activities:

  • construction of transport interchanges in the area of ​​preventive chord with the open highway;
  • construction of two congresses on the open highway with the outside of the line;
  • device Mytishchi travel under the overpass with the possibility of a reversal.

To motorists were able to exit the Shchelkovo highway chord towards the center, to be built overpass.In the future we plan to build another one.Congress will be organized right turn and LOSINOOSTROVSKY street.

After the construction of the North-East chord diagram is shown just above will connect many important areas of the city.In 2014, for road construction in the capital allocated 90 billion. Rubles.This is planned to put into operation 76,6 km of newly constructed and reconstructed roads.