Chaps welder - what to look for when choosing?

So many things around us are created due to the skilful work of the welder.Bridges and metal fences, connections in cars, elements of buildings, arches supporting chic roses twine - is the results of their labor.They can only perform at a high temperature, which leads to the melting of the material.Boil a tool welder, metal fire throws around a lot of spray.From under his unit of electrodes in contact with the surface of the material ejected beam incandescent sparks.They carry a risk of burn and injure a person.This is one of the professional risks.As measures to ensure the protection, use leather welder.

What leggings?

In order to prevent occupational injuries using safety equipment.These include welder and leggings, which are elongated cuffs, superimposed on the shoulder and forearm, the front of the shin.This model has a shorter, and there are extended, covering the leg from the foot to the hip and above, or from the finger-up to the neck area.This collar has a rigid shape and is made of flame-retardant composition, able to withstand the mechanical action of sharps and prevent the cut.

Chaps welder must be strong and not be subjected to rapid abrasion not ignite from sparks, do not melt when they hit the hot spray, melt in the processing of metal.High-quality product should be securely fastened to the body, but do not squeeze it, not to blood circulation.Structurally, they are carried out in such a way that they can be simply and easily attached to the extremities, and if necessary, a slight movement to throw off.

Chaps from tanning splits

To enhance the protective properties of the used material of genuine leather, obtained by a special treatment.From it are made leggings welders who purchase these properties.

Firstly, they become strong tear, puncture or pointed objects are cut knife blade or metal shards.

Secondly, spilkovye leggings welder have high fire-resistant properties and are resistant to moisture and do not get wet in the rain and sleet.

Third, they have increased strength.A special kind of processing and tanning gives them qualities that define a long service life.

Of course, these high quality leggings welder price will be higher than on ordinary gloves that do not have pads of splits, but the safety and reliability of the work is worth it.

What to look for when choosing?

Neatness is always the product is a testament to its quality.Therefore, considering the store leggings welder, pay attention to the quality of tailoring.If the seams are uneven and they are sticking thread, then most likely, this option is not worth attention.In the presence of these splits is important that it is evenly distributed on the product, and its density was satisfactory.

The market is leggings welder with insulation or without him.Gaskets made of fur and jersey provide protection from the cold.To work in summer is better to choose the leggings with the inside of their cotton, which has heat-shielding properties.