What is the profession of people, reducing the monuments of culture and art

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choice of profession - is a crucial step for each young man.If history attracts, monuments, you can choose a specialty associated with them.What is the profession of people, reducing the monuments of culture, and where it can be learned?

Who are the restorers

a specialist who deals with restoration and preservation of historical and cultural sites.This profession emerged in the Middle Ages and was necessary to give an attractive appearance of the artwork.But over time, the main task was to keep the restorer original appearance of the object.

Knowing the name of the profession of people, reducing the monuments of culture, is to understand the peculiarities of this specialty.

How does restorer

main objective is the preservation of modern restorer.Once you will recover or replenishing chips, cracks or other damage, you must arrange for the preservation of the object as such for as long as possible.

used for this purpose:

  • Chemical treatment.
  • determines the optimal humidity.
  • choose the right lighting.

can definitely say that the restoration and conservation - these are the main activities of such a specialist.

Before you get started, the restorer examines the object determines the complexity of damage, the material from which the work of art.

Restorer - not an easy profession.Each specialist works with certain objects.It could be monuments, paintings, books and old materials in various materials.But very often the work is done as a team with historians and archaeologists, art historians may need to consult, chemists and physicists.

restoration methods for selection of specialty is not enough to know the name of the profession of people restoring cultural monuments.It is necessary to understand the principles of this activity, to determine whether it meets your desires and possibilities.

modern restoration can be divided into two types.

  1. Science.Is to maximize the preservation of the original form of art, with the traces of destruction are visible.But people see a painting or a monument in the form in which they were created by the artist.
  2. Commercial.The emphasis is on giving visual appeal and resume functionality of the object.Typically, such restoration bought antiquities owners who intend to use them in your everyday life.This reduction is very similar to the repair, but it requires special skills.

qualities that should have a specialist

restorer - a profession that can master not everyone.In order that the work has been successful and enjoyable, you must possess the following qualities:

  • perseverance and patience;
  • attentiveness and ability to concentrate;
  • respect for the works of art;
  • desire to work with his hands.


restorer can get a special institution of higher education or secondary professional.Also, you can master this science in school.The choice of places depends on the level of knowledge and skills.

The students received information about restorative materials and techniques.You need to read a lot of literature on the works of art, to understand how they were created.

So, knowing the name of the profession of people, reducing the monuments of culture, to understand the principles of their work, you can decide to choose a specialty and educational institution.You need to connect the life with the profession, which is really like.Only in this case, it will bring material and spiritual satisfaction.