"Armata" - Russian tank Dream Land Forces

According to experts, very soon, the next-generation Russian tank "Armata" replenish the arsenal of the ground forces of the country.Warriors of the late twentieth century were already aware of the ongoing development of a unique object, which was named the author of "Priority" and dreamed about it.But political events are not allowed to realize this project.Now comes into play a new hero.It - Russian tank "Armata".This machine has no analogues in the world for no arrangement, no firepower.It is able to hit any of the tanks, available in service in NATO's arsenal.

integration, mobility and speed

According to the developers, "Armata" - a tank that develops in the movement speed, no way inferior to the course of transportation on wheels, which is a reasonable cause for pride.High mobility of combat vehicles - they are adapted to the transportation by air and by rail.Manage all your machines will be based on a single automated system of the Russian Federation.Thus, the "Armata" - the tank is integrated into a unified combat system, so it should be considered not only as a powerful independent combat unit, but also as an integral element of national defense and strategic systems.In this regard, today in the Russian army goes intensive training of personnel, to create a modern infrastructure.

Technical features

for tank crew provided a hitherto unprecedented protection.The first - an armored capsule in which the crew can feel completely safe.Second, the tools themselves are raised to a considerable height, so it can be argued that the "Armata" - a tank with an uninhabited tower.Indeed, its layout, which is unique in the world there is an unexpected decision.There is speculation that the base will be set up no less than 30 different systems, including BMP, anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers.It should be emphasized that the "Armata" - a tank in which, depending on the task set by the command, you can change the location of the engine (to move it from the front into the rear compartment and vice versa).And the change of the engine, as well as any spare parts produced in minutes, like a dismantled machine.

More powerful, simpler and easier

Engine power Tank "Armata" is within a thousand horsepower.Working on the diesel fuel, it is due to the transmission will generate the current required to operate electric motors, rotating tracks of the tank.Manage smoothbore gun is also much easier - the crew conducts battlefield surveillance in isolation, using the latest optical instruments.

At present the Ural tank builders finished testing the new tank, specialists carry out activities to finalize the completion of certain parts and fitting mechanisms.This means that within six months will start serial production of the tank "Armata", which aims to take its rightful position among the world's best pieces of equipment.