Guest Reviews

project, reviews of which people leave only positive occupies 2343 position in popularity among all the sites on the Internet.Portal registered in August 2014.Every day the site is visited by no less than 142 thousand people.The level of the expected daily income of US $ 2 844.36, while the average cost of the project is estimated at 1,023,970 dollars.The server is located in Saint Louis in the United States.With each passing day the number of users of the project increases, and the site is becoming more and more popular.

Best Project for earnings

project reviews presented as the best on the Internet for quick money.Visitors to the site say that it really pays, and the earned funds is carried out as quickly as possible after reaching the minimum amount in the account at the rate of $ 2.The only drawback, which has repeatedly users, due to the fact that the resource is entirely English-speaking.Users of the system focus on the simplicity of a partnership with the site and talk about the unique opportunity to create a decent passive income in partnership with them.As a big advantage, many note the registration in the United States, where any kind of projects are very serious, in fact, like to control their activities.

Incredibly simple diagram earnings

About portal feedback from users received only positive.The comments repeatedly describes the simple directions for earning money.Viewing sites in surfing is very simple.It is necessary to attend at least 10 projects, and only after that will be available to pay the transitions.In order to have access to the implementation of paid jobs, you must fill out a simple registration form.As mentioned users of the project, use the translator site is not recommended.It is important to confirm your e-mail, otherwise the account will be deleted after 24 hours.

probable direction of earnings

project, reviews of which are actively decline to cooperate, offers its clients simultaneously three sources of income:

  • Earnings on viewing advertisements (CLAIM).Each day is sent to the system user 4 links, in which transition cost of 1 cent, provided that the user of the project during the day scanned at least 10 free links.Throughout the day you can catch the job and 2 cents.
  • Autosurfing, mentioned above, but with a modernized payment system.For each pair of commercials viewed by registered users get 1 credit.With it you can show your own website or use a referral link to attract customers to their axle-boxes.
  • profit contributions raised from referrals.Many users of the project wrote in a review that this is where the largest percentage of the referral, which is equal to 100%.

In accordance with the recommendations of the partner site to provide a decent source of income is possible only in the event that use each of the possibilities provided by the project.Only hard work and frequent visits to his office will provide a decent income.

How is the registration process?

According to many users of the project, the process of registering on the site should be approached very seriously.On the basis of the unpleasant experience of reviewers, any error in the administration of their identity may prevent further withdrawals.To withdraw funds available in three payment systems: PayPal, PayZa, STP.When registering on the project did not have to enter identification information for each of them.Simply select one system to continue to operate only with it.It is an important parameter acts Withdraw Code.It must always remember, because without it, can not be any change in the account information, or withdraw from the system money.

How to work in the project?

people cooperating with the project Trafficmonsoon, reviews are left not only about the last model, and describe in detail the specifics of the work, offering newcomers to join in their referral link.After filling out the registration form you need to log in to your account.After each entry you want to view a promotional video link.Next comes the proposal to change login - Back to Dashboard.From your account, you simply press the Start Surfing.Viewing every advertising links must be confirmed by means of CAPTCHA.How do customers say the project, initially the prospects for earnings may seem insignificant, but people refer to the earnings in the first month of the Partnership in the amount of 100 dollars or more.Income from partnerships with the project will depend on the activity of his party.

additional opportunity to promote your site

About reviews distributed not only as a portal for a living, but also as a resource that can be of great help in the promotion of its own project.Ten mandatory, but free advertising links to display each project partner receives 5 credits, which, according to reviews, is charged systematically and without delay.If you wish, you can view more advertising links and earn credits that can be used effectively for the promotion of the project as their own, and their referral links.Reviews Trafficmonsoon talk about how very easy to add the site to the project.It suffices to use the menu My Websites.After the introduction of the site or links in the appropriate field by pressing the Manage button can be added loans for the promotion of addresses.

more details on payments

As mentioned above, people regularly leave the project reviews, which focuses on the systematic and regularity of payments.Payments must be ordered through the button Withdraw.Many times in the comments noted the simplicity of the project and the opportunity to earn their own daily 0.1 dollar.Great emphasis in terms of earnings is on the referral program.Thus, according to users, with 10 referrals, you can earn 1 dollar a day.If you have 100 referrals that are active - $ 100 a day, in the presence of 1000 - $ 1000 per day.That build a passive income source with the project more than real, evidenced by the numerous positive reactions of its partners.People who started working with the project at the very beginning of its appearance, today do not have financial problems and pay the just 5-10 minutes a day.Global work at the beginning of the partnership will ensure systematic payments and profit in the future.

Summing up

Despite the fact that at first glance at the new American project a lot of money does not work, with the active involvement of working people are the result could surpass all expectations.Just a little more than a year of operation Trafficmonsoon, reviews of which only the positive, has gained immense popularity.Thousands of people around the world to successfully make money with a resource and actively increase your passive income source.Claims to the system from any of the clients do not.And if they have any questions during the registration site in English, the detailed instructions that provide people seeking referrals completely exclude all the possible difficulties.