The significant role of personality in history

politicians, philosophers, historians, sociologists at all times and in all civilized world interested in the problem, "the role of personality in history."In a recent Soviet past prevailed Marxist-Leninist approach: the main driving force behind the company are the people, the working masses.They form a society classes.People create history and brings the characters from their environment.

With those difficult to argue, but can otherwise accents.Company to realize significant goal in its development, are essential with drive (more on that later), the leaders, the leaders capable of before, deeper and fuller others predict the course of social development, understand the purpose, to designate landmarks and win over supporters.

One of the first Russian Marxist GVPlekhanov argued that the great leader "in that it has features that make him most capable of serving the great social needs of his time, arising under the influence of general and particular causes."

By what criteria guided by defining the role of personality in history?The philosophy of judging by the fact,

a) how important ideas for the community generates this person,

b) any organizational skills she has and how much is able to mobilize the masses to solve national projects,

c) what result to reach a society under the guidance of the leader.

convincingly to judge the role of personality in the history of Russia.Lenin led the state is not more than 7 years, but left a significant mark.Today, it is estimated with a plus and minus sign.But no one can deny that this person entered the history of Russia and the world, affecting the lives of several generations.Evaluation of IVStalin passed all stages - from admiration, and then many years of silence - to the strong condemnation and denial of all its activities and again in the search for a rational action, "the leader of all times and peoples."In his later years, LIBrezhnev everyone is teased "leader", and over the decades it became clear that his reign proved a golden mean for the Soviet Union, but the next would-be reformers have not only failed to achieve multiply, but squandered created in the postwar decades potential.Today, the assessment of its operations once again changing.It seems that a significant figure will once and personality MSGorbachev.He would have already become a national hero and a recognized world authority if conceived by him and his team of "perestroika 1985-1991 GG" is not proved to be so disastrous.Remembering how much "Yeltsinites" was in the country in the nineties, until it became clear that this "democratic leader" with his team losing Russia, being under the hood of the American administration.Perhaps life even amend, much is hidden from the eyes of contemporaries, but also published a lot.He who has ears, let him hear.

But today, it is good to refer to the theory of drive Lev Gumilyov.In theory ethnogenesis of passionate people such as energy surplus - those citizens who have an innate ability to receive from the external environment more energy than is required only for specific and personal self-preservation.They can give out this energy as a purposeful activity, which aims at a modification of their environment.It indicates an increase of drive characteristic of human behavior and psyche.

role of personality in history in certain circumstances, becomes for them the engine, thanks to such qualities as purposefulness.In these cases passionaries seek to change the surrounding space in accordance with their ethical values.All of the acts and actions of such a person commensurate with the moral norms that are based on the ethical values.

role of personality in the history of such people is that they are people of the new thinking in the population.They are not afraid to break the old way of life.They can be and become the predominant element of new ethnic groups.Passionaries put forward, develop and innovate.

probably among his contemporaries, too, there are many stands.For ethical reasons, we will not be called living.But before the eyes rises portrait of the leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, which during his lifetime wrote that it is the hope of progressive mankind.Russian cosmonauts, prominent athletes, scientists, researchers - they are heroes because they do not need to exaltation, but just do business.History will determine their role.And it is - the lady fair, with only deferred to future generations of the result.