Energy Qi, Tai Chi, Qigong

None of the world's religions, none of the natural science will not deny the fact of man's connection with nature and even the dependence of human life by nature.According to the Chinese spiritual practice Tao Qi energy gives us life and sustains us throughout our path, and our death is nothing less than a complete depletion of energy in our body.

Many illiterate people, of which at all times in the world were in the majority, do not consider it necessary to take care of your body even at the level of basic hygiene, not to mention the fact, to even try to understand what the energy of qi.Exercises that offer Tai Chi, Qigong or yoga do not require any special equipment or training, nor even any special education.Because we believe that everything a person needs for his personal development and the maintenance of health, given to him at birth.Moreover, each person is given the energy of chi in an amount sufficient to live more than a hundred years (how much more, everyone decides for himself).

level of development of modern humans, if we discard all the technological advances, which, by the way, are a constant source of problems and from which qi is depleted faster, remains unchanged over the past few centuries.This means that people in the pursuit of external comfort, constantly trying to substitute the natural process of self-improvement by something outside of its body.For example, instead of having to give yourself an hour or two, doing breathing exercises, people are willing to use medications that never heal, but only temporarily removed symptoms.At best, the young man or woman will give up smoking and will regularly go to the gym, which is also not enough.

To understand what Qigong, this ancient practice can give a person, you must at least try to break out of the normal way of life and not to interfere with your body to restore its relationship with Mother Nature.

It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, and qi energy can be felt by anyone, regardless of age, sex, and even diet.

Initially, the acquisition of values ​​and the natural force of nature must abandon rational perception of itself as a social unit.In nature, all are equal in terms of access to energy, social position in it - no more than a meaningless superstition.It is necessary to consider its own existence as part of the universal process and to make the changes that will inevitably come in the course of the practice of Qigong.

And finally, do not forget that homo sapiens is a social being, for whom morality, unlike the animals, is a mandatory criterion of self-esteem.In terms of Qigong body cleansing it is inherently associated with the purification of the soul, and the presence or absence of disease is directly linked to the moral purity of man.This last statement is contrary to many, if not all, of the tenets of modern society.But academics of today has nothing to offer in return, they do not have anything that would disprove this statement.