The eternal spiritual values ​​of man

They say that times are not the same, their human values ​​become obsolete and acquire another form.I can confidently say that the time is not the creator of goodness, truth.They never change, in whatever era we may take, there will always be a pleasure to hear the truth, to know that you are loved sincerely appreciate friendship.But sometimes human values ​​can be distorted in the mind.

Instruction Bible

Bible is considered the most popular and best-selling selling world.The wisest of the wise, it is able to instill the love of man, freedom, good.It is impossible to state with certainty the non-existence of God, but the significance of this book is not reduced.Remember the parable uchaschie love and forgive by practicing forgiveness.Perhaps the Bible was not written as much about God as we have tried to combine into a single faith and eternal spiritual values ​​of man.How many thousands of years have passed since the writing of the book, how many generations have changed, a high level of development reached humanity - a sincere, pure love is still considered the most noble of the senses.

Do we follow the spiritual values ​​

In the daily bustle, a world where you need to gnaw their place under the sun, we sometimes forget about human values.In the formation of the views and priorities of the major role played by education.Family members of their example shows what the little man they believe that is valued and respected.It is important that words are always backed up by actions.Uporhnuv of the family nest, under the influence of friends, or external circumstances, people often change priorities.Only losing our loving people, we turn to God and the Bible, pointing to our mistakes.The current era is called a return to the moral and spiritual values.Protecting animals and nature conservation, and a donation to a charity for children in poor countries.Sure - a feat on the part of humanity.But the wily begs the question of whether, and if it is not selfishness.We care about nature in order to prevent her revenge in the form of disasters, not because of what we wish endangered species.Donating huge sums to the poor in order to avoid the tax, and the good name does not hurt.Post penny grandmother sitting near the transition is considered strangeness: "I'm earning money through hard work not to give her."Give way to transport a pregnant woman is also not part of our responsibilities.But these are small, at first glance, actions speak what human values ​​inherent in us.


surrounding the question of what the feelings and qualities we value most, talked a lot about what they want to see in others.In most cases, the value of man are honesty, sincerity, love, devotion, and the need for the person in need.We demand honesty from others, while they themselves are always honest with them?We want them to need us, and do something for this?Moral values ​​are human in their extorting from others without thinking why others should give us something that we can not provide return.A person must learn the lesson: we always get what we deserve.In order for there was a change in the relationship with the person begin to change something in yourself, forgive the offender, if you cherish them.Forgive the offense can only be strong and noble man.Forgiveness - is the smell, which publishes a flower when its tread.