Drinking serfdom Famusov.

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famous moral and social play in verse "Woe from Wit" A.Griboyedov was the original highly artistic and socially important work of the first quarter of the XIX century.The author worked on the main work of his life a few years and depicted in it images and real types of the people of that era.


In the work, "Woe from Wit" at the heart of the story are two conflicts: the first - a love that involves the protagonist Chatsky and Sofia, the second - the social and ideological, which again is not without Chatsky, the owner himself(Famusov) and his guests, protecting outdated conservative views.

Getting on "Attitude to serfdom Famusov", first we see what kind of man is that he has the priority.Chatsky will be the main witness against these pillars of noble society as FAMUSOV, convinced feudalists who are willing to send for any oversight of their serfs to Siberia servants.

image Famusov

Paul Afanasievich FAMUSOV - the central figure of the play.Referring to the theme of "The attitude to serfdom Famusov", it should be noted that this figure is a bright representative of the conservatives, who hold philosophical teachings of their ancestors.He calls them "fathers", in turn, are the people holding high public office, and is a rich landowners.They are always in favor of the preservation of autocracy and serfdom.They were never interested in the issues of education and freedom.Famusov image - is a collective image, which is the ruling class, which has power over others.

Kozenyi people

himself FAMUSOV also not a poor man, and has a fairly high rank, "a government administrator in place."It largely depends on the success and promotion of many people.It distributes awards and ranks of young officers patronage and pensions to retirees.It is understandable that people like FAMUSOV will fight to the last to preserve their status and privileges.This hero praised Moscow's traditions and customs.He believes in everything you need to build on the experience of the "fathers" and learn from the older generation.

Quotes Famusov contain the meaning of "that father and son honor," let it be palest hue, but if you have a couple of thousand serfs, and the groom will be deemed worthy.

Excess mind - vice

FAMUSOV in their life beliefs vice-called advanced young freethinking.He believes that it comes from an excess of the mind and learning.On the minds of his mundane and everyday performance.According to his reasoning, intelligent person who was able to get good at the expense of patrons to make a career.For him, learning - it's like free-thinking, in which he sees a great danger for the whole society and the state.Quotes Famusov in this case is simply amazing, "so if the evil to stop, pick up all the books would let burn."

attitude to service

in society famusovskom main theme - a service that is all about the dream of wealth and rank.For people like Colonel Skalozub, FAMUSOV is with deep respect.Chatsky, who scored the service, said the man "disappeared", "even if I wanted to, so would the business" - says about him FAMUSOV.However, the landowner his duties is very dismissive "signed so with shoulders down."

Drinking serfdom Famusov

FAMUSOV - Russian landowner XIX century, for whom the possession of the fortress seems the most natural thing.Chatsky, on the contrary, sharply expressed serfdom and strongly denounces his supporters.He will never accept the fact that the fortress can barter for purebred puppies hounds.Chatsky opposes the oppression of the people, it is for freedom and equality between people.The landlords live and feast at the expense of their slaves, so "thick themselves and their lackeys toschi."

If you disclose on the theme "The attitude to serfdom Famusov", the image is a tough Famusov reactionary bureaucracy, which has been a stronghold of the tsarist autocracy.Exposing the reactionary nature famusovskogo society Griboyedov wanted to show where is the domination of these people as they affect the lives of ordinary Russian people.