How to become a successful and wealthy woman: a guide to action

most modern day women ends like this: is it indifferent to everything in the kitchen and mechanically polishes the next plate, moved by the desire to quickly go to bed with a sense of "women's duty."A wake-up call to the next morning begins (or continues?) Her selfless service for the benefit of the public interest, which includes a huge variety of items.All these "shall" and "must" already stuffed nauseam her, and sometimes she asks herself: "This is what I want?".The answer, as usual, a negative, but the changes do not come hard.

Move to dream!

«Lie and lie in the direction of dreams" - a principle that is definitely not working.Forget this setting once and for all, throw out their stock of affirmations and cheering thoughts.It works only one thing - to move.Change is often associated with risk of loss of stability, and that people, especially women, are afraid enormously.

When you are wondering about how to become a successful and wealthy woman, opinions of members of the society is to push down the scenery, because their value is the same.Be honest in the first place with that what you now call your life inspires you?You meet the morning with a smile?In your head swarming plans, waiting their turn to put them into practice?In the end, if you can say with confidence that you are a self-sufficient person?What about professional success?Most likely, the answer is not going to sound optimistic, if not depressing.

Money is not happiness, but their number ...

As a rule, women are beginning to resent immediately after the phrase.Yes, of course, you are "not one of those" inner meaning for you all that much more principled "tinsel", "pretentious", "drawing".But, seeing once again delightful lacquered pumps by Givenchy in the shop window, in which you can even go to shy (glazed girl consultant looks like on it just bother a team of professional stylists, and you bag last year - at a discount of 70% went to), you're just proud shestvuete past, you also have no time to waste staring at the "rags."

Now imagine that on your credit card rests an amount equal to your current annual income.Still you think "rags" - the lot of "dolls" who have a life other than their own porcelain bull, no dignity?Arguing with her feminine essence - a meaningless and thankless task.

How to become a successful and wealthy woman if you have not set up an appropriate attitude to money?We all know very well the simple truth: it is easy to agree with the incidental role of financial resources as the number allows you not to limit your needs.Speaking of independence, people often assume it financially, because it opens the door to them most in this world.

not a luxury, but the standard of living!

To become successful and wealthy woman, you need to set for themselves in all areas of a certain bar, which has since become a standard iron for you.

quality of all the benefits that you use determines your standard of living.The apartment in which you live, the food that you eat, the clothes you wear - all this serves as an indicator of your success.It's not about to flaunt their worth, because it had truly wealthy people there is no need in this.

«I love my job, I come here on Saturday ...»

How to become a successful and wealthy woman, if your current job does not give you independence?Well, if you're really busy with things you love - then in your hands all the controversy, and this should be reflected in a dynamic career development.But what if every morning hangs over you almost tangible commitments to the cargo business, you absolutely can not become a devotee?

matter how frivolous it may sound right now in your head: leave your quicksand and run without looking back.Gather in a miniature female fist full resolution (believe me, you hardly realize how much you have in this life-giving force) and turn upside down this routine way of life!

Coulda woulda ...

How to become successful and rich girl, woman, lady, if you're not ready to give up unnecessary, but this habitual way of life for you?It's a natural law updates in your life you let go of the old, shabby and bored, to make room for the new, clean and inspiring.

openness to change, even though initially seeming abrupt and frightening - is your business card, your quick and comprehensive answer to the question of how to become a successful and wealthy woman.Guide to Action, abbreviated to just three sacred words.

Woman and Career: about their everyday

towards financial self-sufficiency of a woman waiting for a different kind of obstacle, and one of the most painful - public opinion.To be more precise - the stereotypes that chant, they say, is not a woman thing - to build a career.Who are the representatives of the gentle sex has not heard widespread opinions about the role of women in the family?Man - the head, breadwinner and the woman - the keeper of the hearth.

Do not deny the nature, it is quite true, but the company has managed to bring to the extreme both roles, so much so that in some families, they are diametrically changed.Who has not heard about the men-dependents, who are spending the money of their companions, while they plow akin Pope Carlo several jobs?Forget all that repeats your company and listen to your heart, as it were, wiped it sounds.

how to become successful and rich woman who can say with confidence that she secured a decent life?It's simple to the absurd: you have to earn.If the work is of interest to you if it brings into your life positive emotions, if it develops you - you will succeed.Work as much as you see fit, without clogging the head of opinions from outside.So you remain yourself and keep your hands to build a fortress well-being and independence.

separation - a little death

People agree - the people disperse.This is a natural process, and I must say, it is the engine of progress of interpersonal relations.Due to the fact that sometimes in a relationship is spit on a rock, we all have the opportunity to meet on your way a lot of interesting people, learn from the interaction with them valuable experience and keep in mind this site fond memories for each of them.

If the divorce goes with a partner on a peaceful basis, to stand up, of course, much easier, even if you are with this person closely associated years of life together and the mountains acquired - spiritual and material.But when the separation is accompanied by loud quarrels, indiscretions in relation to each other or, even worse, litigation - will need remarkable that, metaphorically speaking, is akin to rise from the ashes phoenix.

How to become a successful and wealthy woman after a divorce, when everything inside aches from the wounds inflicted?In that case, mankind has not invented anything better to change the situation.They say you can not run away from you, but it may be wise to try to get better?

Breathe ... do not breathe!

Around us repeat, that is important in the life of the balance.Career, family, fitness, visit the beauty parlor - everything has to be ordered, all should be traceable harmony.But sometimes change is the layout of your road, which outlines its one in a pattern reminiscent of the roads on your gay fellow member.Maneuver, unscrew the steering wheel to the limit, struggling to push the signal button, puncture path where until recently was impassable swamp.What for?Yes, because only by going beyond the limits of the usual, you can merge with an unidentified.

How to become a successful and wealthy woman?From zero to rewrite some of their psychological scenario!Breathe in deeply and breathe deeply.Live greedily savoring every moment, to squeeze the most out of any situation.How to become a successful and wealthy woman?Open the treasury in the first place within yourself.There - untold riches inexhaustible potential which is entirely subservient to your feminine charms.