The standards of beauty, or who on earth all the sweeter?

Beauty - not a necessity, and ecstasy.It is not the image you would like to see, and not a song you want to hear, but the image that you see, even if you will close your eyes and a song you hear, even if you close your ears.(DH Gibran)

In all ages men woman admires her beauty and intelligence, strength, and tenderness.But the people from different countries understand the ideal of feminine beauty in completely different ways.Some like delicate fragrance of lilies, and some crazy spikes rose ... Someone sweeter simple wild flowers, while others feel the need for constant contemplation of unusual exotic orchids.How many people, so many opinions, even though all the century had its own standards of beauty that remain relevant today.

Recently, social scientists began to notice strange research results.The majority of respondents to the question, what kind of a woman do you prefer to see around him, said that they are attracted to older women than young beauties.Of course, youth and special gentle beauty inherent only to girls and always will captivate the hearts of young people, but more and more men are choosing a companion is not quite a young age.The cult of "mature beauty" can be traced in all countries, although the ideal is for the different nationalities are still different.

Spanish Carmen

Spanish woman should combine the two contradictory image - burning Carmen and gentle saint Magdalene.In this age of the great Spaniard about thirty-five years, and the character carries a tender, sensitive and sexy ....Spanish - hot people, so the Spanish men "like eyes".Here in honor expressive forms that open eyes thanks to the deep neckline and short skirt.Wardrobe any Spaniard holds a rainbow of colors and clothing should always be fitting to show the generous gifts of nature.The standard of beauty in Spain - confidence and their sexuality woman with jet-black, brown eyes, hair and almond-shaped.Feelings and emotions of a woman is always pouring over the edge, so they always have something to tell or show the men.

English aristocracy

Unlike violent manifestations of emotion and beauty of Spanish women calling in England men appreciate the natural beauty.Ever since the Middle Ages, the ideal of the English gentleman - a real aristocrat with a pale face sprinkled with freckles, with a thin, slightly lean figure and elegant manners.That is why even in the modern world, Englishwoman probably most of their time in front of a mirror to always look their natural and noble.In addition, old age and aging are only encouraged Englishmen believe that wrinkles, especially around the eyes, make a woman more attractive and mysterious.

German pragmatism

German women of all ages especially strive for the ideal.The standard of beauty in Germany is simple: cold blue eyes, blond hair, angular features, sports, a little lean figure.Germans, like no other, passionate about sports and a variety of exercise, so the figure is always watching carefully.The Germans are conservative people, so ideal for them always steadfast.That is why those residents of Germany, whose nature has not endowed them with ideal properties, all sorts of modern contrivances are trying to achieve his aim: repaint the hair, buy lenses.But the real beauty of the Germans not her beauty, but in the pragmatic coldness with which they achieve all that wish.

French restraint

French as true connoisseurs of female beauty and attractiveness believe that the perfect woman at the age of forty - forty-five years.The country is famous Casanova sees a woman inside and outside the reserve.This Frenchwoman never expose himself too much, do not wear provocative attire.Her wardrobe consists of a rigorous, yet feminine costumes that only emphasize the beauty of the female body.Let us recall the famous Frenchwoman Coco Chanel, who knew how to win a man's heart, even in a simple black dress.Actually, France - a paradise for women, because the French believe that all women are beautiful in their own way, so each gets a river of love.

American young

American men pay less attention busty blondes a la Marilyn Monroe, and increasingly look askance towards the Hispanic tightened with a sports figure.The extraordinary sultry beauty bronze skin and dark eyes take a high place in the minds of Americans.Yankees named their new ideal of "Barbie in chocolate."But the age of the US population - a disaster, so they all use the latest achievements of hard to hide her true years.These American women believe - appearance should never show your real age.

Beauty Desert

unusual for our understanding of the ideal of beauty there is in the Sahara desert.Here the woman is considered to be "sexually appetizing", if the waist is hidden under the folds of fat, and his neck forever lost a triple chin.To achieve this result the inhabitants of the Sahara is rather difficult, because many of them live in areas of the hungry, but in adulthood, almost all the women here achieved the desired result.

exotic beauty

Residents tribes of New Guinea believe that the most beautiful woman in - saggy chest to the navel.Male Papuans generally stare at the long-married women who have about a dozen noisy kids.To please the men, the girls from an early age pulled her breasts.

Women's beauty - a mystery of nature, because it is impossible to determine exactly what it is - perfect in every sense of the word a woman, all ideals are different.

But as you know, "a real woman the one that makes you forget about the ideal," so let us be real women!

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