The uniform method of calculating the damage for insurance.

In 2014 ode to come into force a new method of assessing the damage after an accident.The design and concept of the pre-trial settlement of disputes had been drawn up by the Transport Ministry in 2003, but 11 years have not been involved.Insurers all this time the damage was calculated in different ways.But when the plenum of the Supreme Court extended to insurance law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights, decided to recall the document.


Average payment under the policy of insurance, according to the Russian Union of Insurers (RSA), is 36 ths. Rub., And through the courts - 50 ths. Rub.(excluding penalties).According to statistics, every sixth claim is satisfied.Insurers have suffered losses.Yes, and the victim have long to mess around with papers.Please wait for the first 30 days of the decision.Then another 20 to challenge him, and after that go to court.Therefore, the SAR remembered that was developed by a single method of calculating the damage for insurance, and decided to use it.It should take up to 80% of disputes and to reduce the gap between the estimates of experts.As a result, drivers will receive real money is not in court, and the insurance companies (SC).


uniform method of calculating damages for CTP (2014) includes the price references for different territorial areas.They contain data on the cost of 80 million parts for 67 brands of cars, prices of standard hours and certain types of repair work.These documents define the procedure for calculating the cost in the case of a decision to conduct restoration work.The base is the real cost of spare parts, including all customs duties and other markups.


problem with appraisers also solves a common method of calculating the damage for insurance.The draft contains the rules of the examination.If the company has already signed an agreement with the appraiser, the client will have to use its services.The insurer has the right to inspect the damaged vehicle (TC).And the owner is obliged to provide cars for examination by law.The PCA believe that the single method of calculating the damage for insurance will get rid of unscrupulous avtoyuristov.Is it really shows the practice.


Previously used in the calculation of the average cost of the damage parts.Insurers can change it to your liking.Disgruntled car owners challenged the decision in court.Only in 2013 it was filed 600,000 claims.While in the US courts do not deal with such matters as the company uses on record the cost of parts for automobiles, that reduces all differences to nothing.For these purposes developed a uniform method of calculating the damage for insurance.

On September 1, the regulator increased the size of payments for ordinary and evroprotokol to 400 thousand. Rub.Amounts may have enough to cover the damage.That's only now it will be calculated according to the new standards.Reference is at the exchange rate ruling at the beginning of 2014.Refresh prices PCA promises every year.Question: What do the victims during this time?To compensate the losses at his own expense?Another problem: some kinds of damage can be seen only on a special stand.And he is not present in all services, not to mention the appraiser.As a result, the money allocated for the procedure will not, and the amount of compensation may not be enough for the complex repair.

Individual calculation

If the motorist would an exclusive item, which will not be represented in the directory, then insurers will calculate the cost of old-fashioned, ie manually.To this end, the expert will gather statistics about the price of the unit and will bring the average price.

Depreciation Depreciation remained

car now depends on the age of the vehicle.This issue has caused a lot of controversy.Different options have been proposed, until the data request from the dealer about the date of manufacture of a specific machine.But stopped at that age will be calculated depending on the number of full years of run.Thus, insurers will not be spending much time on calculations and violate the terms of the decision, which is now limited to 20 days.For cars of the middle class differences in the calculation of data between reference and market prices of 20%, and the "cool" cars the difference can reach up to 300%.

uniform method of calculating damages for CTP provides wear is not for all the details.Without depreciation will brake and steering systems, optics, seat belts - that is, the elements, without which the operation of the car is prohibited.For all other items prices are tailored 50% wear.

A new factor

Personal component will be charged if any part is worn more than normal age.For example, if the car is repaired earlier, or year-old car will find a wing with three layers of fillings.

other nuances

uniform method of calculating the damage for insurance (October, 2014) provides an error count of 10%.In theory, this figure should compensate for inflation.In practice, this can be a good loophole to reduce the amount of calculations.If earlier such problems were solved through the courts, now challenge the decision will be much harder, because the calculation used the official document.Another minus - the technique does not overlap the old scheme, when fully denied payments.

situation has changed with respect to vehicles under warranty.If before the damage of the vehicle so calculated by the dealer prices, now estimate will be carried out according to the handbook.So if you have a car warranty, better purchase policy Hull.

What disgruntled drivers?

Certain changes already made a single method of calculating the damage for insurance.October 2014 was marked by an increase in tariffs and limits on the amount of payments, without which the involvement of the new scheme is not possible.But to achieve the results promised by the PCA, it will hardly be possible.Disgruntled drivers is to issue a hull, or go to court.And the first and the second will bring additional costs.Therefore, questions arise regarding the feasibility of a new technique.


uniform method of calculating the damage for insurance development in 2003 came into force only in 2014.It is presented calculation parts and labor on all possible brands of cars.Much of the debate for the price.They have updated once a year.In the absence of devaluation should be no problems.But the technique does not allow for expensive tests did not cover pre-existing failures in the payment and settlement contains a margin of error of 10%.How much will abuse these shortcomings insurers, will show the practice.