In a difficult situation, working out in the voluntary resignation would allow to change jobs

Life often presents unexpected surprises person - and only some of them have positive implications.For example, sometimes when climbing the ladder so there is a difficult situation that the employee begins to think about a possible dismissal.In this case, useful to useful information about the order of dismissal of their own volition.

employee can declare the leadership of its wish to leave any day.The application must be in writing.In this case, will have to work 14 days from the date of registration of the application, if the dismissal of two weeks without working is not unfounded as good reasons, among which:

- personal agreement with the immediate supervisor;

- change of residence;

- relocation of a spouse due to changes in the workplace;

- health status (need to confirm the document from the medical institution);

- pregnancy or presence of children, age group who have not yet passed the barrier of three years;

- child care, or a relative of having health restrictions (availability of medical opinion);

- new employment (with appropriate acknowledgment of the new leadership).

Therefore, with a strong desire and need can be to find the right cause, which will prevent such a loss of precious time as working out at dismissal of their own volition.

the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, there are articles that are ordered and employee relations manager.For each individual case can go up a certain article - or 77 or 78 or 80. But if necessary, the employee may terminate the employment contract and to write a letter two weeks before the date of dismissal of the well-known, while working out with the voluntary resignation would be optional.

Upon the written request of the employee unused vacation period may be included in the mining days and the last day of the vacation is the day of dismissal.

employee can confidently rely on the laws that protect their rights.In order for the dismissal of the whole procedure took place legally, workers need to have a calm and patience to help find a quiet goodbye to the ambitious boss, because labor law dismissal without working out will make it possible.It is likely that well-established contact with the head will allow to leave without working, confirm that the date on the statement, which coincides with the date of future layoffs.

But if the employee is temporarily unable to work due to illness arising, working out in the voluntary resignation may lose its relevance.Then the day of dismissal in absentia will be the date specified in the statement, but the sick leave will be paid in full.

When dismissing an employee receives at the hands of the work book with a record of the dismissal of the personnel and material resources estimated in the amount of which include wages for time spent, payment for unused vacation days.

But if the head at this point continues to be the nervous system of worker strength and insists that working out in the voluntary resignation is required, the conflict may authorize the court.In fact, the bosses rarely allow themselves a long battle with a former employee and let him go in peace.