Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange.

private organization "Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange" has started December 29, 1998.It is a joint stock company whose shareholders are the 124 individuals.It is engaged in the provision of services related to the acceleration of capital turnover in the national and global economy.The organization plays an important role in the economy, helping to enter the international markets at the same time attracting investors.

activities associated with the organization of the financial markets, cooperation in the sphere of communications, technical protection of information.Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange supports the processes of circulation and storage of securities.In this regard, the organization has been organizing trade in securities, both public and commercial, as well as storage and clearing activities.

structural organization of the markets BCSE

BCSE, as well as other stock exchange organizations of this type operate on the same principle.They reduce the buyer to the seller or investor with the consumer.Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange consists of the following departments, which are intermediaries between the parties carrying out operations on each of the following markets:

  • government securities market;
  • currency market;
  • the stock market;
  • futures market.

Trading in government securities

Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange in 2004 was the platform on the basis of which held auctions on placement of bonds of the state.She is the organizer of the secondary trading in government securities.A key feature of the tender in the market - the necessity of registration of membership in the Stock Market Section.Perhaps it after giving a set of documents, which list is submitted to the Exchange's regulatory acts BCSE.After that a market participant is admitted to trading.There are three aspects of market of state securities reserved in BCSE:

  • trade securities for their own account and on their own behalf;
  • trade on its own behalf at the expense of the client;
  • trade as trustee (on its own behalf for the benefit of the client for his money).

clients who use the services of the bidders may be both residents of the Republic of Belarus, as well as non-residents of the country.

Currency market BCSE

One of the functions BCSE is trading currencies and currency.As the Belarusian ruble currency is not (in the economic sense), its quotation against other currencies and bank notes is not based on the direct conversion, but on the basis of trading and placing pre-orders.OJSC "Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange" is the place of receipt of the official exchange rate of the Belarusian currency relative to other currencies.

On the basis of information on the supply and demand for the Belarusian ruble exhibiting its relevance for a certain period of the bidding price.It is the benchmark for banks of Belarus and the National Bank of Belarus.All are traded in the currency set in the OJSC "Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange."The dollar, ruble, franc, pound sterling, and many others are set depending on the results of trades, taking place on BCSE on weekdays.

stock market BCSE

stock market - is the department exchange, which can handle the bonds of banks and stock exchanges, legal entities and financial institutions, non-banking institutions, shares, some municipal bonds and government short-term and long-term bonds.Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange is only a platform for placing these documents, the price of which is equivalent to a certain percentage of the fund.

purchasing or buying a bond, the investor receives or pays a certain portion of the volume of the fund in return a sum of money in Belarusian rubles.The organization "Belarusian Stock Currency Exchange" Sales support within 5 business days.Quotes and indexes, investors and traders can get in a specially designed system BEKAS.It is comfortable and functional trading platform that meets the requirements of the regional market conditions.

Derivatives Market BCSE

Futures market is still only growing sector of trade in the BFVB.Although now investors can carry trades involving their assets from the available instruments.The very term futures market is represented by the various nomenclature:

  • at the exchange rate of the US dollar against the ruble RB;
  • at the exchange rate of the single currency eurozone in the ruble of Belarus;
  • at the exchange rate of the ruble to the Russian ruble RB;
  • at the exchange rate of the US dollar against the single currency euro area, the ECB;
  • interest rates on long-term government bond markets.

Tool software allows the investor to MVFB to bid on a "continuous double auction".The technology also allows you to engage in commercial transactions remotely or from the workplace at the office MVFB.Market participants can enter into transactions in various fields with all available instruments.

OTC activity

organization "Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange" is organizing exchange trading that require information security systems.Since the results of trades are placed and stored in files, the Exchange has developed a mechanism to protect them, equipped with a digital signature.Currently BCSE also working to improve algorithms for protection of information at each stage of its life cycle.

Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange has its own experience in cryptography, the most effective mechanisms of information protection.This activity is inextricably linked with exchange processes, as it allows you to protect clients and their financial transactions.However, these processes do not affect the change of quotations, and therefore apply to OTC activities.