How to bake buns Sims Freeplay?

Over the years, a series of simulations of life "Sims" has become incredibly popular.Here, the player is invited to live simply, creating your own character.You will need to take care of his needs, start dating, go to work and have fun, build and decorate the house to buy furniture and so on.In general, the idea is quite simple, but in the end turned out a real masterpiece, which to date has developed into something incredible.Moreover, you can now play "The Sims", even when you do not have access to your PC.The fact that you can download mobile app Sims Freeplay - with it you can control your character in any place where you can use your smartphone or tablet.We should also talk about the job in this game, because a lot of gamers, for example, can not bake the muffins in Sims Freeplay.

What is this game?

If you're wondering what the gameplay is different (except for tasks such as "Bake buns") in Sims Freeplay of full-version for personal computers, everything is quite simple.In the first place is very different graphical component - on mobile devices, it has been greatly simplified.Also, there is not such a rich variety of furniture and interior, and features the character a little less.Yet it is worth noting that you can achieve a lot and get enough fun with this application.Of course, do not forget about the tasks that are assigned to a very large and important role.That's why you need to know how to bake muffins in Sims Freeplay - without it you can not go further.


Every character in this game has its own needs that have to be met.But along with them, the heroes can arise individual desire, you can even say dreams.You can carry them out, and you can forget about them - in this case, after some time a desire to change others.But if you dare to fulfill the dream of your Sim, you will need to read the terms, and then perform the action there.For this you will be given a certain reward - so it's time to learn how to bake muffins in Sims Freeplay.

Quest buns

Many jobs are pretty obvious, they can be done very quickly, so many gamers concentrated attention to the desires of their Sims.However, not only in the case if you fell the task to bake buns.Sims Freeplay - it's a great game, but with this quest developers got an impressive failure.The fact is that the job sounds quite literally - you need to bake the Easter bun.Gamers use the stove, choose it rolls, as stated in the job, prepare them, but in the end the job they are not counted.What's the matter?How to perform this task in Sims Freeplay, bake buns, and get a reward?


All problem here is lack of attention of developers.To start, you need to get the job, but once it becomes active - go to the plate, you have to cook it on her to task counted.From the drop-down list, you need to choose not muffins and cupcakes - only in this case the task will be met.Thus, there is nothing difficult - the quest is solved in a few mouse clicks, but the problem of creating a typo developers who orders the manufacture of cupcakes given the name "Easter Bake buns."Accordingly, you do not need to panic, to give up the job, or even more to try to hack the game to perform this task.It is very simple, if you repeat your actions, but instead rolls will prepare cupcakes.And then you will be successful - and your reward for which all this was started.