How to make a visually longer legs: advice.

Unfortunately, not all women are endowed with "model" legs, which give grace and femininity.Anyone who does not have the "wealth", forced either to hide the fact that there is, under the hoodie, or come to terms with reality.Still, you should not give up because some recommendations from fashion stylists can visually make the legs longer and give them greater harmony.

Heel - our main weapon

Every girl knows what makes a stem slender heel.But you were able to present themselves properly, it must be sustainable.Those who want to look more graceful, is to minimize the wearing of shoes without heel.The height of this part is to be more than five centimeters and still be not too big, so you do not look vulgar.Also welcome a small platform - about 1.5 cm, which is counted as the length of the legs.

shape and color of the shoes

to create the desired effect when choosing shoes, it is important to look not only at the height of the heel.Of great importance is the color.If you choose a tone shoes or stockings skin visually lengthens the leg.But the best effect is achieved if and shoes and tights are the same skin color.

addition secret, you should pay attention to the shape of shoes.It is better not to give his preference to those models that are round or square toe.This visually shorten the end of the leg.Slightly pointed sock gives the impression that you have a little longer legs than it really is.Roughly the same can be said of the ankle.It is important to choose a model that was ankle cutout shape of the toe.Thus, the leg will not terminate abruptly, which will give the illusion of continuing.


If girls are interested in the question of how to make visually longer legs, then she should pay attention to the style of clothes she wears.It is known that some of the CROI jeans, dresses and blouses can be shortened even perfect legs.Therefore it is better to buy such a skirt and pants, whose waist is too high.This trick will automatically create the effect of long legs.Skirts this series can be straight, classical form.In addition, come to the aid sarafan and dresses in the style of Natasha.In such a "favorable" for feet models waist should be either raised or in its natural setting.Such clothing hides the actual length, and the imagination of others draws the right silhouette, in which your feet "are growing from his ears."Furthermore, such a fashionable girl cut gives additional charm and femininity.Also, those beauties who want to make long legs must remember that various pockets or frill "break" a single silhouette and create an illusion of shorter legs.

correct combination of clothing

is important to learn to make your wardrobe.Shoes, pants and the top should be in harmony and serve a common goal - to visually lengthen legs.Like shoes, skirts or pants must be of a monochromatic fabric, the top is obliged to contrast different from the bottom.For example, shoes and pants in black (or a skirt, tights, shoes) and blouse - bright.If the skirt or pants will figure it will not achieve the goal, but on the contrary, give volume and shorten the legs.An exception may be a vertical pattern, such as stripes.

worth noting that such a common accessory as a belt, is able to emphasize the waist and legs to present profitable.It can be worn with a high skirt, trousers, dresses and sundresses, especially those models that do not have an accent at the waist.

Some girls achieve the desired effect due to the narrow black trousers that seamlessly blend in with the boots.But this method is suitable minority.It is advisable to pay attention to the flare from the knee, which covers half of the heel and thus makes long legs and turns you into a feminine lady.

Short jackets

Regarding short jackets and tops no consensus.Many people believe that this element of the wardrobe really visually shortens the torso and therefore lengthens the legs.Others believe that this jacket divides the body into many parts, and does no credit to the feet.But in reality, this element can not serve as an independent tool.Rather, it is an original supplement that does not interfere with the goal to which we aspire.

Prohibitions clothing

However, many women who do not know how to make the legs longer, often make a mistake when choosing the clothes and thus visually shorten themselves.

Thus, the basic prohibitions:

  • Any pants whose understated waist.Although it may seem nice and comfortable, really spoil the impression of the figure.
  • Capri, short pants, jeans with cuffs - a taboo.
  • skintight bottoms (skirts, pants) shows "growing from" your feet.
  • Bootees like a cut leg and make it very short.They can be shod if bootleg trousers cover.
  • shoes or other shoes with ankle strap or braided shin.They also give the impression of short legs.In addition, it is desirable to choose sandals, not overloaded with ornaments.

Fitness for shapely legs

addition to selecting the correct wardrobe, you can start to train to acquire the coveted figure.Fitness instructor tells how to make legs longer.Exercises to be performed three times a week.Under this condition, the first results will appear after fourteen days.

standing against the wall, start slowly squat to that level as long as the knee bend angle of 90 ° are not succeed.Our task - to stay in this state and to stand as much as have the strength.Then gently return to the original.

lunges on each leg 15 times, only two approaches.Driving performance is.Lunging, back foot concerns mat with both feet must remain in the knees angle of 90 °.When lifting the first leg should not be straightened.

in his chair and lift the heel remains in this position.Holding up his hands up, are drawn in such a way as to feel the abdominal muscles and gently stretch the spine.In the present situation we go down to the feet and fingers of hands trying to get socks.The whole process is hard and slowly 50 times, then made the second leg repetitions.

Now, after a couple of weeks of training, meeting with my friends, you are free to inquire able to compete with them is one foot long, and maybe even win.The main thing to remember that these exercises should be done carefully.

Long legs in the photo

Today, more than ever, it has become popular to hold a photo shoot, then to social media friends to show their beauty.But how to make the legs in the pictures looked long and slender?In this case, you can use the same tricks, which in the life of visually lengthen legs.So, footwear plays an important role, although the photographs it can be without a heel.An important rule - the color that falls within the tone legs or pants.In addition, with matching shoes does not matter if the average longer than the big toe.

Another way to present his feet in an advantageous perspective - is to give them a shade of bronze using bronzer.It is no secret that the legs look slimmer tanned and therefore longer.And said means adds extra luster moderate.However, no means is applied to a solid mass, but only on the front of the thigh and shin.

also photographed the manner reflected in leg length.If the standing position, they put quite widely, it will look short.Therefore it is better to put forward one foot slightly forward toward the picture and put it on the toe.