As in "Eksele" to do drop-down list (Step by Step)

Adding a drop-down list to an Excel spreadsheet will make data entry faster, offering the user a list of items from which to select the desired instead to perform input information each time.When you put these data in a spreadsheet cell, it begins to show an arrow.You enter data by clicking on the arrow, and then select the desired entry.You can set the program "Excel" drop-down list within a few minutes, thus greatly improving the speed of data entry.Below is a description of this process.

Guide for Excel

Open the table on the page where you want to create a drop-down list.Create a list of items that should be reflected in the list.Enter data in the order in which they will later be opened.Recordings shall be made in the same row or column, and should not contain empty cells.

to make a list of the necessary elements in a separate sheet, you should click the sheet tab where you want to enter data.Select the type, and then select the content that appears in the list.Right-click on the selected range of cells, and then type a name for the range in the "Name" field, then click «OK».You can protect or hide a sheet, so that other users can not make changes to the list.

the basics of how to "Eksele" drop-down list to make

Click on the cell that you have selected for this purpose.Go to the tab "Data" in the tape Microsoft Excel.A dialog box titled "Checking data".Go to the tab "Settings" and click "List" from the menu "Allow" located in the drop-down list.Click on the radio button in the menu "Source".Select the list items you want to include in your drop-down list in the "Eksele."

If you create a range name in the "Source", enter equality icon, and then enter the name of the band.

necessary settings to create

Check or uncheck the box in the "Ignore empty" depending on whether the cell containing the drop-down list to be empty.

Click on the "Write a message" to display a message box that opens when you click the drop-down list.Make sure the check box next to the menu item "Show input message when cell is selected" is set, and enter the title.So you follow all the instructions on how to "Eksele" to do drop-down list.

Click the "Error Alert" to display an error message if they enter the wrong data.Make sure that the warning "Display error" is enabled by setting the appropriate flag.

Click "OK" to have been preserved and developed audit criteria drop-down list.

Like "Eksele" to do drop-down list - useful notes

If you roll entry in the list is greater than the size of a cell containing the list, you can change the width of the cell in order to view the entire text.

To remove the drop-down list, select the cell that contains it.Go to the "Data" tab in the Ribbon Microsoft Excel.Click the "Data Validation" from the group "Working with Data."Click the "Settings" tab, click "Clear All", then - «OK».

As you can see, a guide on how to "Eksele" to do drop-down list is quite simple.This instruction does not require any special knowledge, it is only necessary at the primary level to be able to work with spreadsheets.Also worth noting is that different versions of the program "Excel" menu items may have some differences with the above, it should be taken into account during operation.