How to find your iPhone with your computer via ICloud

function Find My iPhone was part of a special service of Apple, and now upgraded and included in the standard offering free account ICloud.The most recent update of the service is that even Mac computers can be tracked.

How to set up the program and how to find your iPhone with your computer?

  1. Make sure you are registered and logged ICloud on your device.Click the "Settings" ICloud you can register, or if you already have an account, log in, scroll down and enable Find My iPhone (by default, this feature is not enabled).
  2. location services must also be included.This can be done through the menu "Settings" - "Location Services" - "Enable".

To download this application on your computer, it must have all the latest updates OS X, ITunes and ICloud.On any device must necessarily ICloud icon displayed in the settings screen - this depends directly on how to find your iPhone with your computer and how much will actually do it.

What should you do if your phone is lost?

Open the "Find My iPhone" on any other device IOS (you have to download a program from the online store) or visit from a computer.Authorized, you will see a list of devices registered to your account, and search for locations will start automatically.Click on the device as soon as it begins to show the location.Now you should see it on the map, and when you click on the device icon (the small blue circle) to open a menu of actions you can take.There are 3 options.

Play Sound or send a message

This action allows you to send a quick message about the loss / theft of the gadget and send the audio signal, which works even when the phone is in silent mode.It should be noted that this is a great way on how to find your iPhone with a computer at home.

Remote lock

She puts the device in a closed mode in such a way as if you set the screen lock up.In this case, you should choose a 4-digit code and memorize it (the optimum of all record).

Remote Wipe

final and more radical version of how to find your iPhone with your computer.This action helps to analyze and delete all your data, restore the factory settings.Be very careful when using this method, as you will no longer be able to monitor, block or send a message to the device.

Thus, the above service can help find the iPhone with your computer.ICloud work anyway, and you will be able to establish the whereabouts of the gadget.But what to do if you suspect that the gadget is stolen?

first step should be to lock the device and prevent any calls from him.This does not prevent an attacker to modify the settings devaysa, but will block access to your personal data and prevent expensive calls.

Second, be sure the signal device through GPS, which uses the above-mentioned program.Find My iPhone with your computer, as mentioned above, it can be almost 100% probability.However, it is better not to risk it and do not try to pick up your phone your own - it is desirable to apply to law enforcement authorities.

If you are not sure that your device is stolen, you can send him a message offering a reward for the return and transmit their contact details.In any case, use the remote wipe of all data as a last resort, only if you are sure that you will not get the device back.

Finally, do not forget to call your service provider and block the SIM-card.This prevents making calls and sending messages, saving you from unnecessary expenses.