Another of the police reports

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We had here recently podborochka pearls ... That's a little more.

... eyes are beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, one is not enough ...

in a ditch lay the remains of a man - probably dead.

Steering type corpse c.Zadorozhnogo no outward signs of death.

A "foreign car driver disappeared from the scene of the accident through the windshield, never regained consciousness."

"Yesterday, in the alley Makarov was assassinated on the banker Kurileva. IA Kurylev escaped with slight wounds in the leg and shot in the head ..."

"Last night in the area of ​​the plant, with three bullets in his head I was arresteda suspect in the theft of four cartons cooperative "sun".

"rape case was closed, due to the fact that there was no murder weapon found."

".... shot dead while trying to commit suicide from the bridge".

Pursuing bully Sergeant Ivanov fired in the air. But do not hit.

"Body found corpse spots the size of a 10-, 20-penny coin, a total area of ​​3 rubles.20 kopecks "

" ... Detained seller Ivanov Petrov hit the pensioner a piece of meat in the face, causing his mouth snatched pensioner glubokozastryavshie meat artificial jaw ... "

Examination of the scene has been found: a hand - 1 piece leg- 2 pieces piece murzhskaya - 1 piece the body without all of the above - 1 piece.

From protocol GIBBD: Accident: Zaporozhets, opened the door scratched Mercedes stopped next at a crossroads. From his injuries the driver died ...

From the transcript:"The suspect entered the elevator, and fled in an unknown direction".

"... The victim threw me the ax.Axe hit me on the forehead, bounced off and wounded the victim in the leg. "

" When the oversight head to place the detainee died. "

From the report:" ... After a search of samogonschitsy Sidorova Sergeant Karasyuk I could not find the door.When Karasyuk tired and fell asleep on the toilet door, I still found.But that's why I brought the door to our room, I do not remember... "

N. A citizen three years on the wall hung the gun and finally shot, but thank God no one was hurt. Wife's mother escaped with three kick butt in the back.

" citizen Kuznetsova behaved violently, roared, screaming, preventedcitizens to rest easy in the sobering-up center "

on the victim were found four wounds. Two - death, two others, fortunately, no.

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