Oxnardts: complaints, compliments, comments

Oxnard Trading Solutions - is a young financial company, as the founders of which were made by experienced hedge fund managers and trade experts that specialize in providing information, tools and all kinds of financial services.On the main page of the project Oxnardts extremely positive reviews and recommendations.Clients of the company presented its best side.Try to understand it things really, and that is really a company.

advantage or a bluff?

According to the description of the project itself www.oxnardts.com, reviews of which it is exceptionally good, the company helps each and every one to make on a variety of financial instruments that can be traded only.Experts of the company, which you can find positive statements, offer advice and comprehensive support.For fees charged clearly specified percentage.People interested in cooperation should just go to a special reference to the project.The manager calls back very quickly and provide comprehensive assistance in the opening of the account from which further and make transactions.There are reviews where people complain about the excessive aggressiveness to the company, which now and then agitate to update your account.

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Help managers: two sides of the coin

within the company Oxnardts, reviews of which can meet both positive and negative, and decide which ones are true and which - no, very problematic, trade practices, with the supportspecialists.The manager who is allocated to each customer, giving instructions in terms of opening and closing.In theory, this trend can bring a decent profit, but it is the case in the case of the company Oxnardts?Responses fall into two categories: some say the average yield on the account in the amount of 40-50% already this week, and the other describes the complete emptying of the deposit.

What history tells us customers?

studying the company's operations Oxnardts, reviews can be found descriptions of the same, is not favorable situations.It all starts with the fact that customers call the company's managers, who offer their assistance in trade for a commission in the range of 5-7% of the profits.Initially, it sounds a request for funding the account for the amount of $ 100 for the last test of professionalism.For inducement to cooperate is often offered full insurance deposit, which reduces the risk of losing money almost to zero (there is always a chance of cooperation with swindlers).After the customer fills up the account on the first day he gets a profit of $ 15 to $ 25.What follows is a strong recommendation to put an amount of $ 1,000 or more that willing to make the company's customers.As a result, the deposit is drained to zero, and about any future cooperation, and can be no question.

Trying experienced trader to cash

One experienced trader deceived on offer project manager Oxnardts.com, reviews of which he is not bothering to look for in connection with the minimum risks and great offers, faced with an interesting situation.After the first successful transaction, which is practiced with all the customers of the company, received a proposal to re formulaic funding the account for at least $ 1,000.At the expense of $ 1,200 was made.As a result, the client was offered a deal by which the risk was 25%, which is a violation of even the most hard aggressive money management.That is what alerted the trader.As a result of the planned transaction, which, fortunately, was never open, he went into the negative.After clarification of the situation and a few open losing positions, it was decided to withdraw the money, but it was not so easy.

complex schemes withdrawal

scheme the payment of money, which was a continuation of the history of the transaction for which the risk was 25 per cent, was the worthy end of the story.According to the trader, the procedure is not only dragged on for quite a long time, it is also accompanied by a fairly impressive commissions.From the account was withdrawn to pay $ 50 fee for "SWIFT" -translation and closing the trade office.Also taken away from the deposit 2%, which allegedly acted as paying for withdrawal.As a result, most of the funds were saved, but the broker Oxnardts trader no one is recommended.Similar stories are described from the tip to the review, but the end of each of them are not so successful.

Claims to customers, or what they say market participants who managed to earn?

project Oxnardts.com, comments, complaints, of which - common, widely known as a highly dubious firm.Traders who just decided to test the quality of the company and did not use the help managers have a very interesting experience of the withdrawal.People say that the first conflict with the company starting when after a successful trade attempts to withdraw funds.Thus, one of the project participants www.oxnardts.com reviews about the challenges he had to face when you make an application for withdrawal.The manager is a huge number of reasons, in accordance with which the withdrawal was simply impossible.There were even the most banal words that trade with robots forbidden.The result was a fortunate event.The funds were not sent to the bank account, as it should under the rules of the company, and the purse "WebMoney".

Full Kitchen only

Many traders are looking for an answer to a very interesting question about how to invest and not to lose.Reviewed (Oxnardts) may encounter pushing for a partnership, and radically turn away from him.Now it's about how people lost now.There are quite a large percentage of customers who are completely let down their deposits, or simply could not bring them after a successful trade.People write about the loss of such amounts as the 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 and even 15 thousand dollars.There is even information that the Company if a customer originally introduces quite a large sum of money lost contact with him completely, and all the contacts are no longer responding sharply.Whether it's true or anti-advertising, everyone will have to judge yourself before you make a decision about partnership.

Summing up

helps to make an impression on the broker Oxnardts reviews, comments.Review from experienced traders creates a more or less rational perception.You can definitely say that the company, in essence, is highly controversial.Beautiful and advertising professional website opposed to the persistent calls of managers and less than ideal instruments for the right to work in the financial services industry.In contrast to different customer reviews.Some comments tell stories of success, while others describe the illegal activities of the company with the loss of the entire deposit for the trader.Contradictory information prevents rational estimate Oxnardts, and a decision on a possible partnership have to take, guided only by their proven arguments and information that will be able to find and analyze as yourself.The responsibility for the decision will be imposed only on the person who made a decision about partnership.It is worth remembering that the easy money to trade in the financial markets does not happen.