How to configure a router ASUS hands.

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Let's talk about how to configure the router model ASUS WL-520GC hands.Setting up the majority of this class of devices from this manufacturer is no different.Therefore, this guide is applicable to other models.Special problems with the software layout of such devices should not have.

Here is a list of all the external communications of the device:

  1. 4 RJ-45 ports for the organization of the local network of wires.
  2. Universal USB port for connecting a printer.
  3. Round connector for supply voltage from the power supply.
  4. input RJ-45 connector for connection to an external network segment.
  5. The mounting location for the antenna.

The front panel has the following indication:

  1. Power (LED PWR).
  2. indication of the air network segment (LED AIR).
  3. Index data exchange between the local and global networks (LED WAN).
  4. 4 of port signaling local wired network.

Before you configure the router model ASUS WL-520GC, you must familiarize yourself with the location on the back side of the buttons like:

  1. setting button - EZ Setup.
  2. Reset - Reset.
  3. button power - Power.

do all the switching devices.To do this, connect the power supply wire to the appropriate place.Then install it in the socket.Then wire the external network is applied to the hot shoe on the back side.At the final stage of connection to the router prisosoedinyaetsya computer (laptop).Pre

before configure the router ASUS, you must perform the following manipulations in the toolbar (it will significantly simplify and speed up the configuration process, the sequence is valid for the operating system Windows 7.

  1. Click "Start" menu and select ititem "Control Panel".
  2. Next, it kind of migrate to the "small icons" by pressing the appropriate button on the toolbar.
  3. select the item "Center Network and Sharing Center".
  4. Go to the tab "Change adapter settings».
  5. a context menu on the label of the adapter and select "Properties».
  6. In the opened window remove support for IP version 6 and be sure to install support for the 4th.
  7. Next, double-click the left mouse button on the fourth version and the pop-box is installed automatically obtain IP-addresses and DNS - server.
  8. accept the changes.
  9. Disable the connection by pressing the right mouse button, and then turn it on in the same way.

provides power to the network device of ADR.The router should boot.Once downloaded, launch any browser which is installed on the PC.In his address bar, enter the address window will appear asking you username and password.Usually they are specified in the manual, and the most popular variant - a username and password «admin».Further, in the process of how to set up the router ASUS, go to the menu item "IP Config" and choose "WAN & amp; LAN".Then, perform the installation parameters "WAN Connection Type": in the sense of "PPTP" and "Choose WAN Bridge Port" should be "NONE".Then set the parameters address, DNS - servers, encryption and access (ISP provides this information).Then go to "Wireless" and select the item "Interface".Then enter a name of the future network, select the encryption method specifies the protection key.After that you need to save your changes and exit the browser.

The article describes the configuration of the router ADR modification WL-520GC.It shows the full sequence of actions in this procedure, starting with a visual examination of the body and ending with the installation of software parameters.This algorithm is valid for all devices of the manufacturer, it can be widely used.