"The Sound and the Fury": Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield's ear

Famous champions Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield have met twice in the ring battles, one of which was the "fight of the year", the other has got the status of the most expensive event in boxing history at the time.With regard to this confrontation has developed a variety of opinions based on rumors and interpretations of what was happening in the ring.And there, the sound of the arena MGM Grand, was conducted to demonstrate the most effective and brutal tactics, which have been characterized by the old world of boxing, the world of which we know only in rare photographs.These techniques are illegal, however the judges prefer not to notice them, which could play into the hands of one of the boxers.The article aims to explain why Mike Tyson bit off the ear of his opponent in a duel in 1997.

How to stop reshera: Reply Evander Holyfield

«In your life, there is always someone who can give you a kick in the ass" - these are the words of the legendary manager and trainer Angelo Dundee, who worked with Muhammad Ali, most of the career of a champion.It is noteworthy that in the life of Ali, too, was a man - Joe Frazier;in the career of the famous modern public Philippine champion Manny Pacquiao as a bone stuck in the throat of the Mexican technician Juan Manuel Marquez, honed his right cross so that the 4th battle was able to knock out Manny magnificent spirit countered.For Tyson became a bone Evander Holyfield: cool and disciplined fighter who managed to resist the onslaught of Iron Mike, using the method is not the most noble - butted heads.Thanks to this vile trick, Evander was able to cut both eyebrows in the first Tyson fight.In the second fight Holyfield again took advantage of prohibited methods, for which Mike Tyson bit off the ear of the defending champion, or rather, the two pieces of shells.

«Angry dog" Iron May

The fate Tyson has not always been fair to him.Temper champion was playing into the hands of people who were trying to catch him in a variety of sins.Recall at least the case of rape, that cost Mike three years in prison.Despite the absence of direct evidence, the judge issued a verdict in favor of the poor girl, who a few years later with his mother was charged with fraud and making false statements under similar circumstances.Fights Mike Tyson after his release, it did not look so convincing for him, as in past years.

imprisonment, loss of a loved one in the face of Cus D'Amato, the eternal coach and adoptive father of the champion, unsportsmanlike conduct Holyfield in the first fight - all this was the reason that Mike Tyson bit off his opponent's ear in a fight in 1997.

degradation machinery Tyson after prison

Tactics former champion at the time the first bout with Evander in 1996 was to force the onslaught, a single powerful blow that deals with medium and short range (style reshera).Since Mike was small heavyweight (178 cm, at the same Holyfield - 189 cm), he had to move a lot on his feet to get in a comfortable position.At the same puncher virtually no clumping during such movements, allowing Evander immediately impose clinch his butt undersized opponent and take their attacks in moments of such encounters and the subsequent struggle.

Holyfield's victory in the first leg

Physical training Mike did not fit into the format of a 12-round bout - Tyson was dangerous only in the first half of the fight.Constant clinch and dirty boxing other elements did not add strength to the former champion, and profuse dissection that occurred during clashes in both eyes Tyson, limited visibility and become a permanent goal Holyfield.Single power punches, the only weapon in the arsenal of Iron Mike, were for the most part inaccurate and sank in the opponent's gloves.Current champion managed to neutralize the threat in the first round, and in the end the fight to cement their advantage at the expense of the best physical condition.All this has led to the fact that the first battle between two famous heavyweights ended in victory for Holyfield by technical knockout in the 11th round.

Why Mike Tyson bit off Evander's ear in the second fight?

Abstracting from the external violence and curious of this act, the chosen countermeasure dirty slaggerskomu style Holyfield looks quite justified.In the second fight, which was called "The Sound and the Fury," Tyson during each attempt (and they turned out to be only two - in view of the short duration of the fight) by the champion enter into a clinch and butt an opponent deprived the last piece of the ear.It was not until the beginning of the 4th round, Holyfield which simply refused to leave.He was awarded the victory due to disqualification of Mike and iron could not leave of winning the battle for himself with his arms raised high.