Major-General Alexander Alexandrov.

melody of the anthem of the Soviet Union and then the Russian anthem - perhaps one of the most magnificent compositions that its powerful rifts back in 1943 to unite people in the struggle against fascism, and in peacetime, repeatedly shook the sports arenas.The author of this immortal music - Cavalier numerous state awards, including an award honorary title People's Artist of the USSR, Major-General Alexander Alexandrov.


Alexandrov Hailing from a peasant family living in the Russian outback.He was born in 1883 in the Ryazan region.At eight years old boy sang in the choir Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg.Seven years later, he went to study at the Court Chapel, graduating with the rank of regent in 1900.He studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, but illness and financial difficulties forced him to quit training.His first work - a symphony of "Death and Life" - written in Tver, where he worked choirmaster, and then led them to a music school.Alexander managed to continue their education only in the age of sixteen, he entered the Moscow Conservatory.He later became a teacher in the school and received the status of professor.

Over the years he worked in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, was the dean of educational and military-conducting faculty, headed the choral department.Besides teaching at the college, he worked at the Chamber Theater, as he was invited to advise the performances in musical theater, for example, Mamta.

Musical contribution

co-organizer of the famous and toured the world ensemble Red Army Song and Dance Ensemble was also made by Major-General Alexander Alexandrov.With the ensemble has toured throughout the Soviet Union, even I visited several foreign countries.He was accepted abroad so welcome that in 1937 he was in Paris, the Grand Prix of the World Exhibition.

Yet his most famous works (and one of the most prominent), he wrote in the Great Patriotic War and their association dedicated people in the struggle for life.He created a lot of songs that are included in the music library of the best collections of those years.In particular, it was Major-General Alexander wrote the music for the song "Holy War," "Invincible and Legendary", "In a campaign!The hike! "And others.

Anthem USSR

The turning point for the Soviet army in 1943 Soviet leader Stalin comes to the conclusion that the country is vital to the national anthem, to inspire and unite all citizens, soldiers and workers of the home front in a single anti-fascist fight to the finish.

Question anthem in the country rose more in 1930.In Soviet Russia as the main song used by the French state, "The Internationale", praises the Paris Commune.The Soviet government announced a contest for writing the hymn.During the event, Major-General Alexander Alexandrov created the "Hymn of the Bolshevik Party."Among the contestants it was also his son Boris Alexandrov and Dmitri Shostakovich.However, preference is given to the music of Major General.Lyricist became a poet Sergei Mikhalkov and Gabriel El-Registan.

Created anthem was performed for the first time on the first night of the New 1944.However, on the radio all over the country solemn song sounded for the first time only in April.With the change of the regime once again raised the question of the national anthem.Only in 2000 it was decided to leave the same immortal melody Alexandrova.

died, Major-General Alexander Alexandrov in Germany, in 1946, on tour in Berlin.

Memorial composer

Major General Alexander Alexandrov made a significant contribution to the development of musical culture of the Army.After his death, the name of the composer named ensemble, then the school in his native village Plakhino.It also opened a museum, however, only in 2003.In Moscow, the state concert hall was named in his honor.

addition to Moscow's "Walk of Stars" was a memorial sign Alexandrov.His name musical scholarship.In recent years, it has been found several monuments to the composer: one in Moscow, in honor of the 130th anniversary of his birth, a year later established a memorial in Ryazan.The Russian Ministry of Culture and the Union of Composers established two medals (gold and silver), which are awarded for the best patriotic song.

state award

War was also marked by the composer and the Ministry of Defense of Russia.Office in 2005 established the state award - the medal "Major-General Alexander Alexandrov."Cavaliers can become soldiers, civilians working in the armed forces and veterans.In addition, the award may qualify as Russian citizens and citizens of foreign countries, to assist in the development of military and military-patriotic music.

It is in the development of this musical has made an invaluable contribution to Major-General Alexander - a medal in the Armed Forces, named in his honor, he said the achievements of composers and musicians working on the creation of strong and inspirational songs.

The obverse of the coin, made of metal under the color of gold, in the center, against the background of rising ray is a portrait of the composer.Under it depicts the lyre and diverging from it on both sides of the coin laurel branches.At the upper edge is engraved the inscription: "Major-General Alexander Alexandrov."On the reverse side of the center the makeshift unfolded scroll, on which is engraved the phrase: "For his contribution to the development of military music."Top is also shown lira due scroll visible attributes of military marches: pipes, drums and flags and weapons.On the upper and lower edge follows the inscription: "The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation."