Self-install Windows on the network

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In writing this article about how you install Windows on a network, I pushed the case from personal experience.Sitting at work, I decided one day to install Linux on a netbook with any operating system from Microsoft.Waiting until the end of the day, I began to translate his idea into reality.However, I encountered a small problem.We all know that netbooks do not have a cdrom and flash cards suitable for the job I had.

Of course, I have heard that there is a Windows installation on a network, but it never did not try to do it yourself.I've been rummaging through the Internet, but no method worthy of my attention, and could not find it.When I was very disappointed and was ready to stop his search, I came across a software called Serva.He wrote online craftsman whose name is Patrick Masotta.And he wrote it easy, but documented.For me, it was truly a lucky find.

Installing Windows on a network with the help does not pose any difficulty.Yes, this utility and weighs just one megabyte.In fact, it is the DHCP server, and TFTP.It contains a boot with PXE menu.She also is able to create a configuration file, which is required for a network installation.In other words, this software is able to do everything by yourself for you.The only thing you have to do - it's just unpack all the files with the ISO, which contain the required distributions, and then share the them in the enclosed instructions.Thus, I was made Windows XP installation on a local network.

After rassharivaniya run the PXE network boot device is necessary (in my case it was a netbook).All you get on the first try without any problems and difficulties.By the way, if you need a Windows 7 installation on a network the same way.I, however, there was still one problem with the localization Vindovs.This was the reason that my system was the Russian language, and I could not change the Russian keyboard layout to English.Therefore, I could not enter the password with the name in order to get the access to the shared folder.

However, the installation of Windows on the network is still held.I decided this problem as follows.On the computer, which is a server, I created a user account, which had a Russian-language name.Only now I suspect that if the operating system installers can not automatically detect the network card, then with the latest devices may have some difficulty.Thank God, I had no such problems.

thus created outlandish program called Serva greatly simplified the installation of operating systems, enjoying incredible popularity, and thus greatly facilitated the lives of many people.Now, this procedure turned into a fairly simple task.For this, we all bow low to him to the ground.

I think you made clear to all.As you can see, nothing complicated or supernatural in this procedure does not.Do everything as I wrote here, and you will be happy.