How to apply liquid foundation

Liquid foundation is now available in the arsenal of any cosmetic products manufacturing companies and in every girl's purse.However, many of the fair sex setuyu that the complexity of applying a liquid tone does not bring the result which promise advertising pages tonal resources.Try to understand.

liquid foundation can transform you, and can bring some frustration, that's true.And it is not only as a product, but also the ability to use it.Our guide will help you to discover for yourself the real benefits of the liquid base.

1. You need a good wide brush to apply liquid foundation.Circular (or oval) in the base.The edge of the brush - flat or with a slight arc.Different brands have their own marking brush size, so be guided visually.The width of the base of the brush (where "grow" bristles) should be approximately 15-20 mm, brushes for artists and is marked - the width of the base, that is, if you buy in the store for artists, the brush is at number 15, 16, 17etc.

2. Work better way: pour a small amount on the back of his hand brush and Macao.You can use the palette and - plastic or glass.

3. Start with the nose.Simply making a smear on the nose, cheeks and then (toward the center) and chin (two stroke toward an imaginary line dividing the face into two parts).

4. That amount of money that is left on the brush, make strokes around the lips.Avoid until the nasolabial folds.

5. This step is for those who are accustomed to using in the area of ​​the eye foundation, concealer instead.We need to take a little bit of tone on the outer edge of the brush, put the points under the eyes (but not on the lower eyelid, and where are usually dark circles under the eyes).Strokes do toward the inner corner of the eye.Apply a liquid foundation on the upper eyelid, capturing and eyebrows.

6. forehead.You should remain approximately 1/3 of the amount of money that you have to make up.Take again the liquid base on the brush.It should cover the forehead, paying special attention to the hairline, it is often forgotten (like the chin), and because of this make-up looks mask.In this manual, we consider the make-up when the tonal foundation is covered almost the entire face except for nasolabial folds, so you need to cover the entire forehead and hairline.Carefully.But, by the way, it should be said that now some of the make-up artists practiced a makeover as a tonal framework covered only the problem areas of the face where the skin tone does not own even.This method can also be followed, but the selection of color tone means must be perfect.

7. Chin.Take balances on the brush strokes do under the chin (upwards to connect with the tone, on a chin) and on behalf of the down line tone will go unnoticed.Lightly daub and where the ears are connected with a person that was not "white" spots.

8. All face.Now you need to shade his face, removing excess funds evenly distributing tone.Strokes do light dashed.NLFs are covered with a minimal amount of product that will eliminate unpleasant wrinkles and their accumulation in the substrate.

9. When the brush does not remain a means, it should once again walk the same almost dry brush on the face in circular motions.This will means the best way to connect with the skin structure to accept it.Act quickly, until the foundation starts to become more viscous (this is usually 2-3 minutes).

10. It is possible to start-up, only the creamy texture, such as blush and liner.

11. A decisive step.Do not forget about it.After 3-5 minutes after applying liquid foundation, take the cloth and blot the entire face, avoiding the nose if you have large pores.Pay attention to the eyelids, the corners of the eyes, there may be a surplus of product that gathered in folds.Again, refer to the nasolabial folds, where you can walk again with a brush, feather congestion tone.

12. Now it's time powder.Apply with a brush, as if pushing it into the skin, but lightly.

13. Proceed with makeup powder textures - blush, bronzer.Put good shading.

you seem complicated, this manual?Do not jump to conclusions.In all it will take no more than 5 minutes, and during that time you will see in the reflection in the mirror smooth, flat and porcelain skin.

Another tip for last: Always use a clean brush.Wash every 3-4 days.Wipe cloth after each use.Try a little wet the brush in water before use, if at first you find it difficult to achieve a good distribution of the product, in this case, the brush will be better glide over the skin and apply foundation evenly.

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