Why do I need Windows XP emulator

order to have had the opportunity to use the software for Vindous on gadgets that run on the Android platform, you must install the emulator Windows XP.And the conversation is not about to flash the Android system under Vindous.This is basically impossible.You need to run the emulator is Windows XP or another version Vindovs (98 or 95).The benefit of this software is now available Sea.

Lets you look at a fairly popular program Qemu.It is an emulator for Android that allows you to run Vindovs 95 or 98. He's pretty smart, but has a lot of errors in the work.So, to install it, you must first download the application, and then install on your device.I advise you to try it Vindovs 95, because this system is more suited for touch screens, and the installation of the 98th version of the different specific requirements.

why I do not consider it an emulator Windows XP?Because I did not test these programs yet, and this allows you to work virtually around the software for "Piggy".So, the 95th version is equipped with on-screen keyboard.The buttons to control the volume on your device have the function of the left and right-click the virtual mouse.Call menu replaces the enter key here and return back is equivalent to the button "Escape".The functions of the virtual touchpad touchscreen laptop is performed.What does this mean?And the fact that the cursor is where you touch the screen of your device.

Double-click a recurring problem, so it will devote to it, and run it with the enter key.If you compare the emulator 98th to the 95th version, the latter shows a much higher speed of execution and the work as a whole.It is practically identical with the speed of operation of the machines that have been in the prime of these systems.The disadvantage is that there does not function a virtual co-processor.For this reason, the emulator Windows 7 for Android can not start.Of course, if you want it, it's worth it.It may even depend on how you device.

may also react and another emulator Windows XP.Here are some suggestions that will allow you to run the software.Create at the disk image named "D".It is necessary to put all the necessary data.

What serious shortcomings of the software?First of all, this is what clicks often fail on the first attempt.This program is not supported by the network and the Internet, so you can not take advantage of these opportunities.You will not be possible to download the necessary software, updates, and just you can not view the information you need on the World Putin.It is inappropriate and inconvenient for screen resolution.Completely absent sound and playback of any audio effects.The time is displayed incorrectly, so his testimony can not be trusted.And finally: completely discontinued support and development of this program.And rightly say about dignity.Of all the emulators of this - the fastest.