What is the reason the appearance of error "memory could not be written»?

Not so long ago on the computers most home users reigned supreme, Windows XP.The reason is clear: quick and responsive work fine even on an old "iron", XP until now is a very common operating system.There is only one flaw in her, which is called the "memory could not be written».However, let us be fair: this error may pop up virtually every system from Microsoft, but only the "Piggy" pleased with this phenomenon more often.

What is the reason of the appearance of the annoying window that gently alluding to the fact that the desired run a program or play a favorite game you do not come out?And how to deal with it?

Indeed, the move to answer this question can not even inveterate geek, since the error "The memory could not be written» pops up without warning and causes of the phenomenon may be different.It is likely that your computer is too little memory or the program refers to its closed part, which is the cause of the error.Sometimes lead to such consequences tricks viruses or defects in modules RAM.In short, plenty of prerequisites.

However, most of the message "The memory could not be written» arises from the activity of a system called DEP (Data Execution Prevention).Some people mistakenly believe that this feature prevents the execution of potentially unwanted and malicious code on your computer.

Alas, it is not.This system ensures only the correct memory allocation.If any program or game requires too many resources or "encroach" on the reserved area of ​​the system, the DEP an error "The memory could not be read" faced by many users.

How to stop this behavior?There are several ways, of which the most efficient is the one about which to tell you below.

system originally DEP is enabled for all services and processes of the operating system.If you did not edit its settings, then a sufficient amount of RAM, it should not lead to crash programs you run.But in the case of assemblies XP, we suggest to check the system settings.By the way, we will establish an assembly do not recommend, since it is to them the message "The memory could not be written» arise very often.

however continue.So, go to the "Control Panel", which are looking for the tab "System".Come to the "Extras", select the item "Settings", go to the tab "Performance."If you want to completely get rid of the annoying bugs, then you choose the DEP setting AlwaysOff.But if you want to revert to the original system settings, select the best OPTIN.

done all these manipulations, in most cases with a clear conscience to forget about their suffering with this problem as a "memory could not be written».If the error persists, check the die memory, scan the entire system a good anti-virus program or try to run the game with lower system requirements.