Rules of conduct in the library: a reminder for students

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For many people, the library is pleasant memories of childhood.This is a special place to store books, magazines and textbooks.But we should not forget that it is a public institution, so every child should know the rules of conduct in the library.Memo usually hangs in the school, but the parents should pay attention to this issue.


library in the school library, as well as in the city, you can come read a book or take home.In addition, students receive textbooks here, and some are doing their homework and prepare for electives.

library is always filled with a special atmosphere.It is intended primarily for students and teachers.So that visitors can focus, there are rules of conduct in the library, a reminder concerning the observance of which is most often located near the entrance.

come to the library of knowledge, so every reader is important not to be distracted.Peace and silence prevailing here are helping to focus and tune in a working mood.Every child must abide by the rules of conduct in the library and not to disturb others.

How to behave at the library

Before entering the room, the child must turn off the mobile phone and other devices that reproduce sounds.Upper clothing should be left in the cloakroom.

Going to the library, the first thing to do is to say hello.Do not shout and wave his arms.It must be remembered politeness.

If the child does not know how to choose the book or who to turn to, you should go to the bulletin board, where the rules of conduct are painted in the library: a reminder to the students gives an answer to the right question.

Run around the shelves with books can not.We need to go quietly, not touching other readers.If the book is high, you should ask someone from the adults get it, and then thank the person.

can not throw the book.They require accurate and careful handling.

Seeing the familiar, do not rush him.If you really want to talk, you should wait until a friend out of the library.Talking in the room, even in a whisper, it is prohibited.

How to find the right book

The library is the literature on the shelves in alphabetical order.To search for the book was more convenient, bookshelves divided into subjects and signed by, for example, fiction, prose, poetry, history, astronomy, and so on. D. Treat shelves in search of the required books must be carefully observing the rules of conduct in the school library.

If you can not find the book, it is necessary to approach the librarian and quietly, but clearly explain your problem.

get your hands on a copy, you should put it in a bag or net bag.If there is no certainty that the book will want to read, you can go with it in the reading room and read the contents.

If you wish to take a book home must notify the librarian and clearly to give his name, as well as class.Waiting for filling in the form, to listen carefully when you need to pass the book, and to clarify the possibility of extension.

How to handle the books

Parents and teachers should explain to children the rules of conduct in the library and to inculcate respect for the books.The child should know that book - it is a source of knowledge, so you need to treat it gently.Literature, located in the library, used by many people, so it should be kept in the proper form for other visitors.

book should be protected from moisture.If the leaves get wet, they warp and straighten them would be impossible.In rainy weather in winter it is necessary to remove the book in the package.

order book is not soiled, it should be wrapped in the cover.You can not crush and bend page.It should use a bookmark.

Throw or putting up a book binding prohibited.From this treatment it can be scattered on separate sheets.

While reading should not eat or drink, so as not to stain the book.

impossible to make notes and to paint sheets.The next reader is unlikely to enjoy, and the book will be spoiled.


books in library books home are issued for a fixed term.It is necessary to remember and take the time to literature.Before you take it to the librarian, you need to flip through the book and make sure it is in good condition.

No need to leave the old edition on the shelves or thrown on the table.The librarian should make his own book and make a mark.

Culture of behavior in the library at the time the book should be fully respected.You can not interrupt the librarian if he communicates with other readers, or is searching for literature.It should patiently wait for their turn and be polite to all people who are nearby.

If the book should be extended, it is necessary to ask the librarian.Do not be afraid to abuse in this case, no one will.The main thing is that the book was not considered overdue.

Rules of Conduct in the library: Memo

Every visitor to the library is obliged to observe the following rules:

  • keep quiet.
  • Treat the print media (not to vomit, not crush and do not make notes).
  • Return books on time.
  • not make a book from the library without a mark in the reader.
  • peruse a copy for defects before you take it home.If you find traces of damage inform the librarian.
  • Do not move the book from one place to another.
  • If an instance is lost, you need to purchase and deliver the equivalent edition of the library, explaining the situation.

If the child does not comply with rules of conduct in the library, it can apply to the penalties prescribed by law and the charter school.

Event Library

Sometimes the library organizes various events and recitals.This is especially true of younger classes when teachers try to instill in children a love of reading and learn to use prints.

also in the library can be held elective classes.Before you start the class in the room, the teacher told the rules of conduct that includes a reminder of the library.

guys have to remember that classroom activities can be distracting to other visitors.Behave should be quiet, do not scream and run.Talking in a whisper, not to talk with classmates.Listen to the teacher and librarian.

Only by adhering to the readers of the foregoing rules and regulations to create a peaceful atmosphere in the library, which is located to the thoughtful work.Follow this - the problem is not only a librarian but also all visitors who are in the room.A child should respect others.