Examples instinct.

instincts are an important structure of our personality, because of their work, above all, it depends on our security.When we withdraw his hand, want to eat, or to learn something new, we are living, functioning and developing.Man, being born, living by instincts or reflexes that are inherent in us by God.A small child does not realize that he is hungry, but when touching the corners of his mouth reflexively baby begins to look for his mother's breast fullness.

It is thanks to the instincts we live in infancy.Then, some of them become dominant, as a driving force for the whole life.Let's see what are the instincts, and how they manifest in our lives.

instincts and adaptability of human

In the life of every human instincts invaluable role.They are very important for us, because sometimes they may be dependent on life.But on the level of adaptability of man depends on his fate.It can be congenital or acquired ability to adapt to any situation, regardless of the conditions in which the individual was.If we talk about human adaptability, it may be high, low and medium.By innate adaptability basics include temperament, natural instincts, appearance, the makings of intelligence structure of the body, innate abilities, emotions and physical health.

There is such a thing as adaptation.It refers to the levels of human adaptation, his social status, as well as a feeling of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their lives and themselves.Adaptability is the one person guaranteed to childhood peculiarities of nature and his personal direction.That's instincts are considered first and foremost part of human nature, which provides adaptability.

Does maternal and paternal instinct?

on the concept of instinct puzzled many scientists, conducted a great scientific work.Structured types of this gift of nature known scientist Garbuzov.He defined the basic instincts, but they did not include the concept of maternal and paternal instinct.Such a result is criticized by some of his work, some fellow.It is considered that these concepts are considered conditional instincts, because they do not appear at all.Also take care of their offspring can be interpreted as a survival instinct or renewal of sorts.

But citing examples of instinct, it is impossible not to note the manifestation of instincts parents.And there's nothing you can do about it, so inherent nature.Maternal instinct is considered to be a very real and based on the need to preserve the historical posterity and to continue their family.All living beings have mammalian maternal instinct, except that sometimes people it takes inadequate form.This can be as over custody of the children as adults or as unacceptable negligence of parents.If we talk about the innate instincts, the parent manifests in girls from the very childhood.It is manifested more clearly in women who are at the heart of its baby and those who have fathered.Animal instinct of motherhood is significantly different from the human, because it is based on the fact that the Creator inherent in all animals.And the people are able to do something rather than relying only on instinct.

slightly different phenomenon (and not always associated with the emergence of the baby) is considered a paternal instinct.It is considered more socially conditioned phenomenon, which is associated with the norms of modern society are geared to family values.

types of instincts Garbuzova description

According to the concept of the professors, neuropsychiatrist and philosopher, are seven basic instincts.These include: the instinct of procreation, survival, freedom of research, dignity, altruistic and domination.

There are three dyads in which grouped instincts.For example, the dyad "A" is considered to be the base, it provides the physical survival of individuals and species.This dyad includes two instincts: self-preservation and procreation.But dyad "B", consisting of research and freedom of instinct, provides primary socialization.Last, the third, the dyad "B", which includes the instinct of domination and dignity, provide affirmation and survival rights in psychosocial aspect.Together, all three dyads ensure adaptation in real-life.

Self-preservation as a basic human instinct

dominant in humans is considered to be one or more of the instincts, the others expressed much weaker.Remembering the examples of instinct, can not forget about self-preservation.

any cost and under any circumstances people are just desperate to survive.With settings defined nature of the human body, people learned to resist the dangers that lie in wait for them everywhere.This is reflected in the fact that if the hot - man pulls a hand if given the suspicious food - the rejection of her, if a person does not know how to swim, then, of course, he does not go down deep into the water.

animal instinct can also be called a kind of self-preservation instinct.Instinct is considered a basic because in the absence of all other instincts lose their meaning.And the reason for this is obvious: the first thing you need for any individual, including a man - is to take care of the preservation of its own existence, otherwise it will not be able to operate and simple to be useful to the world.By the way, the instinct of self-developed in children from the moment of birth.

Genofilny type - what is it?

When genofilnom type dominates the instinct of procreation.If a child grows from childhood in a society where the interests are fixed only on the family, he will be quiet only when the whole family together, everyone's all right to health and a good mood prevails.For such people, his home is considered a fortress, and the interests of each member of the family - above all else.Very often, this type of people are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their children and families.The instinct of survival in this case, does not work because genofilny type focus not on himself, but on his family.You can observe this in the example of the instinct of saving people from the burning room.The man with the dominant instinct of self-preservation is unlikely he goes to rescue people in case of fire.People genofilnogo type will do it without hesitation.

instinct of altruism

This instinct characteristic of an altruistic type.People who have dominated this instinct, since childhood, showing kindness and care for loved ones.They is the development of instincts, but they will depend on the functioning of this dominating.This instinct encourages people to give the neighbor what he needs people.These people are more self-sacrificing than others, they devote their lives to the public interest, protect the weak, help the sick and the disabled.People live with the instinct of altruism on the slogan: "Kindness will save the world!"Generally speaking, it is a wonderful example of instinct, because such people are fighting for justice around the world and are willing to help others, whatever it may cost them.

research - the result of education and human genetics?

type of research may be called more curious.In this type of dominant considered instinct study.Since childhood, is "Who Knows?", In which curiosity at a high level, and they all show a desire to get to the bottom.Children of this type should always get profound and proven answers to their questions.They read a lot, and like to experiment.This is often creative people, regardless of what they are entrained.Therefore, the researcher - it is rather the result of human instincts than education.

Dominant type

This type is considered the main instinct of domination, but still it is inherent and a tremendous survival instinct.Since childhood, such people show the ability to organize the Games, they are trained to set goals and achieve them.Dominant type is able to understand people and to lead them.These people feel a greater need to control others.Very often, the dominant type of the children grow leaders, managers, politicians, as well as the organizers.

instinct of preservation of personal freedom

Those who fight for the preservation of individual freedom, are examples of the instinct of freedom.With the diaper such children exhibit protest when their diaper, and any kind of restrictions on freedom also causes the rejection, which thus grows with the child.The dominant characteristics of people considered to be the desire for independence, stubbornness, tolerance for pain, a predisposition for risk.They can not stand routine and bureaucracy.Due to the fact that such people silenced by the instinct of self-preservation and procreation, they often leave their families.They tend to keep their freedom, interests and personality.Such people can not be too limiting in activities they do not like to be in subjection.

Dignitofilny type of human instincts

This type of instinct prevails dignity.From the early years, such people can catch the irony or mockery.They do not tolerate any form of humiliation.It is this type of people that from childhood you can negotiate, but to do it convincingly and affectionately.In order to maintain the honor and dignity, such a person is able to sacrifice even the most valuable thing he has.It is important to identify as early as possible is in the child to life in the course of suppressing his identity.For these people need support and recognition.Then they themselves feel needed and wanted.