Kira Plastinina presented the campaign of autumn-winter 2012 collection (video)

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designer Kira Plastinina is a new advertising campaign brand Kira Plastinina collection autumn-winter 2012/13.

The campaign became a kind of continuation of the past, the spring-summer history.And not only that on these surveys worked one photographer - an artist of world renown Kenneth Willard (Kenneth long and successful cooperation with the outstanding representatives of a glossy industry - Vogue, Glamour, GQ and InStyle, and the stars of the caliber of Kathy Peri, KiraKnightley and Lady Gaga).And is not that the main characters of these surveys have become one of the most successful Russian models - Jasmina Muratovic and Nastya Krivosheeva.First of all, these promotional work combines the atmosphere of having a special appeal - looking at these photos I want to become one of the heroes of these stories.

coat patterns are the epitome of the most interesting trends of the season.Blind decorative supat-clasp, neat round collar, short sleeves and a mini length - the purity of the forms of things that make it convenient to use and can combine with a variety of clothing items.

In addition, this survey quite clearly reflects the significant changes taking place with the brand in recent years - many fashion critics point out that the new collection of Kira Plastinina looks more elegant and attractive, still retaining such key features as femininity, the brightness of the original modeland, above all, the component designer brands.

The main feature of the collection was her bright and sunny mood that has nothing to do with the gloomy weather of autumn, to which it is dedicated.

advertising campaign, shot in an ancient aristocratic mansion in the suburbs of New York entirely supported this trend: the photos turned out as bright as the collection itself.

Location filming was not chosen by chance.The designers wanted to emphasize on the one hand refined and elegant collection of classic silhouettes, and on the other - to show how comfortable these things can feel any girl who likes to stand out from those around her.