As far as we are concerned the identity of the boss?

«Are you worried about the personality of your head?".The survey on the subject conducted analytical center portal

The survey, which was conducted on the site in 1510 was attended by Muscovites.He was asked, "How much you care about the personality of your head?" Among those who are interested in the personal qualities of the boss, the most popular answer was "I am interested in his / her habits and leisure time."He was chosen 19%, or 352 respondents.

Of course, in any job, sooner or later begins to manifest itself the human factor.Managers and subordinates tend to feel sympathy or antipathy to each other, which is born on the basis of some general properties of the character or training.Commonplace in offices, five-minute smoke breaks, conducted with a cigarette in the smoking room, or in the workplace, the dialogue with a colleague, not always boil down to talk about work.And it is right!It is impossible to think about the case 24 hours a day, sometimes you need to just relax and be a man, not a regular unit.Share with colleagues all the details of his personal life or family problems are not too relevant, but to talk about hobbies, interesting trip, the impression of going to the movies - is necessary and useful, because it brings together and motivates to work together.After all, it is important to know that we are surrounded by similar people or our supporters.

«I watch the way he / she dresses," - the answer chosen 17%, or 326 people.

companies in various business areas and the level adopted by their style of dress.However, even in organizations such as banks and financial companies, there are informal Fridays, when employees are free to come into the office is not in a strict business suit and tie, and a comfortable casual.It was he who gives food to the imagination and to discuss the same smoking rooms.We do not undertake to judge good or bad debate about the number of ornaments on the head of corporate lending or funny pictures on a Hawaiian shirt Head of Marketing.Anyway, this brings some variety in the work process, animates the situation and gives some emotional discharge.That's always good in a dynamic and hard work.

15% of the respondents, or 278 people said that they are interested in the social circle of his boss.

the omnipresence of social networks, many companies adopted added to friends to colleagues, subordinates or management.In the most advanced organizations considered appropriate after the end of the working day to discuss online some workers "chips" to share resting places, interesting articles, clips on Youtube, demotivators and other interesting Russian and English-speaking Internet.And, of course, you should not miss the chance friended interesting people from friends of the chief, because networking in today's business world, if not solve everything very much.

Only 6% of respondents, or 120 people, are interested in their income manager.

difficult to say whether this is due to factors including the presence of a large number of participants in the survey of Gen Y, which is famous for its love of the intangible values ​​and self-development.Perhaps Muscovites do not want to feel envy, learning about high-income chief, or governed by a specious motives and just do not pry into someone else's wallet.

2%, or 41 people, and 7%, or 127 employees, according to the boss feel love and hate.Such complex emotions best describes the Latin expression «Odi et amo», which means "love and hate".As is known, according to the now Russian proverb, 'love to hate one step. "It is possible that the head of the hatred felt for the staff secretly in love with him.On the contrary, love easily turns into hatred, if the feelings do not reach their goal.What could be the finals of office romances can be read in the article "Dangerous Liaisons."

indifference to the individual chief distinguish 34%, or 647 people.These are people who come to work to carry out their duties, they do not focus on personal moments and prefer smooth business relationship.Everyone has their own style of work, and those whose defined strategy responds career and professional development, we can only congratulate.

Rodion Romanov

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