Makeup inspired fashion: A collection of lala Berlin CATRICE

CATRICE - cosmetic brand, in love with fashion.This summer, he is the third consecutive year, it became the official partner of the new collection of the German brand of women's clothing lala Berlin.In January 2015, the fashion and beauty meet again in the limited collection "lala Berlin for CATRICE", created with the direct participation of the designer brand Leila Pedaysh.

New collection from CATRICE - a classic in the modern interpretation: a fascinating play of light and shadow, black and white, combined with a deep red, holographic effects, glossy shine, gentle shimmer and matte texture - irresistible!

Shadows with holographic effect lala Berlin for CATRICE - Holographic Eye Shadow

As you know, opposites attract, so the chance, the shade of the new collection CATRICE presented in two contrasting colors - cool white and warm gray.Individually, they - timeless classics, together - an ideal tool for reincarnation.

experimenting with options for drawing shadows and creating a clear or blurry line between the two, you can constantly play with the images.The holographic effect will give a special look appeal, and all the attention of others will be focused only to your eyes!Due to soft silk texture shadows are easy to apply and blend into each other.

Shades: C01 Chilly White and C02 Shade of Grey

Matte Lipstick lala Berlin for CATRICE - Matt Lip Colour

matte red lipstick - an essential element of stellar images in all fashion shows.In the coming autumn-winter season, it is indispensable to create the actual spectacular makeup.The new collection CATRICE this gentle and incredibly resistant lipstick is available in two exciting colors - ruby ​​and crimson.Black matte lipstick packaging looks refined and elegant, and wear it in her purse - a pleasure.

Shades: C01 Ruby Red and C02 Rude Red

Lip Gloss lala Berlin for CATRICE - High Gloss Lip Glaze

brilliant choice for flawless makeup!Red steady lip gloss with a glossy effect - a great alternative to lipstick to complete the perfect image.The collection presents two trendy color luster - a ruby ​​and wine red.

Shades: C01 Ruby Red and C02 Ruling Red.

Shimmernaya powder lala Berlin for CATRICE - Loose Sparkles

This shimmernaya powder with golden light reflecting pigments give the skin a pleasant warm glow and helps perfectly accents in your way.Thanks to light texture powder suitable for any skin type.

Shades: C01 Soft Shimmer

Nail lala Berlin for CATRICE - Nail Lacquer

Five nail polish with a holographic, matt or shiny effect of the new limited edition CATRICE exceed your expectations!The warm gray, cool white with sequins, delicate pink golografik, juicy raspberry and matte dark red - in a palette always find a color that will suit you perfectly.

Shades: C01 Shade of Grey, C02 Chilly White, C03 Pink Pearl, C04 Ruby Red and C05 Ruling Red