What are the rules?

answer the question about what the rules, one sentence did not.This concept is very extensive, it is used in areas of very different directions.If, however, in general terms, that it refers to the legal document under which the activity is determined by one or another object, its location, value, and compliance with a certain standard.In this article we give a definition of the concept and consider each case individually.

What are the rules in politics and business?

Relating this concept to the description of business processes, it can be interpreted as follows.Regulations - a document that describes and lists the phased steps to be taken by the participants (or one person) to perform a specific business plan.As a rule, this document sets out the required timelines for each stage.It also designated requirements and prescribed the necessary standards.In simple words, this document is a kind of instruction execution with a clear description of the terms of reference.

In the political context of the

rules means a set of rules (permanent or temporary), which regulate forms of activities and the internal organization of the unicameral parliament, or Chamber, as well as the legal status of Deputies.Regulations are designated in accordance with the principles of the chambers and the provisions contained in the constitution and legislation.Therefore, the rules may be canceled bodies of constitutional review.This concept also means a set of rules that specify how the activity of state bodies, organizations and institutions.

What are the rules in the document?

In this context, it means the order in which conducted the meeting, meetings, congresses and sessions of organizations or authorities.For example, the Regulations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Regulations of the meeting chambers of the USSR Supreme Soviet, and so on.In order to standardize procedures in some countries there are special collections that contain a list of possible situations and the rules for their resolution.

addition to the above, the term referred to a number of international acts of conferences and congresses - for example, the Brussels Regulation.


Now consider what technological regulations.This refers to the legal act (or a similar document), which establishes a list of requirements to the grid regulation, mandatory for application and execution.Under the objects mean products, buildings and structures, the processes of production, storage, transportation, operation, sale, disposal.

history of technical regulations in Russia

This type of document was to replace the old system of standardization and resolving security issues.GOST system is outdated and did not meet modern conditions, moreover, it was very confusing.As a result, the mandatory certification of all production became a formality.Government agencies involved in this procedure, were able to find any discrepancies.And, as a rule, the products passed the certification for a bribe.

concept of "technical regulation" was introduced in Russia in 1996.According to this change, it is defined as the characteristics of the service or product related processes and production methods.And in 2003 came into force a new law, which replaced the tens of thousands of older guests on a number of regulations, simplify and generalize a number of issues.This document also includes requirements for the symbols, terminology, packaging, marking or completely dedicated to these issues.

general answer to the question of what regulations (work, general and al.), Is as follows: it is a document which is adopted by the relevant authorities, and contains mandatory legal norms.

Specific features

answer to the question of what the job regulations, various different sources, this is due to the specifics of the organization, which states the document.Below, we provide a common definition.Officials called the regulations a normative document defining the employee for the following points:

- qualification requirements for the knowledge and skills appropriate to the level and nature of the position, it also includes a description of the required education and experience;

- rights and duties of officials, the level of responsibility for the improper performance (failure) the assigned tasks;

- a list of issues that the employee has the right to decide on their own;

- a list of issues that the employee is required to perform;

- the procedures and terms of consideration of projects, procedures for the approval and implementation of the tasks;

- order service interactions;

- measure the effectiveness and efficiency of professional activity of a particular employee.

This type of regulation makes it perform the correct selection, placement and fixation of the frame, to provide professional development.He also contributes to the improvement of technological and functional division of labor between subordinates and superiors.It is used to assess the performance of the employee.

General Regulations

Now consider what the general rules of procedure.It is a kind of civil service statutes for civilians.It was first published in 1720.This paper introduced a system of record keeping in the institutions of a new type - boards.According to the general rules determined by the order of discussion of issues in boards, organization of documents, relations with local authorities and the Senate.This document has lost its importance after the publication in 1833 of the Laws of the Russian Empire.

In this article we answer the question of what regulations, and reviewed every type of legal instrument.