Learn French quickly

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Learning any foreign language, including French, based on the study of the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and spelling.

If you start to learn the language from scratch, it is best to enroll in French courses in Tyumen and in the city, and at home on their own, and continue to repeat the study.The courses will help you learn the basics of grammar, you will have the opportunity to listen to the French language, improve and practice pronunciation skills spoken language with other students in the group.

only daily and persistent sessions will bring success.7 or more hours per week spent on learning words, grammar, listening, speaking and reading will make it some time to read and understand simple texts in French at the elementary level and communicate with native speakers.

between classes in the courses required to study at home, learn the words, read aloud repeatedly iterative verbal and grammatical constructions.

constantly updated with their vocabulary, memorize better nouns with articles that indicate the race.Pay special attention to the prepositions and verbs needed to manage them.Irregular verbs in the French language are the most used, so memorize them all the time forms.

to improve their pronunciation is desirable to sign up for lessons with a native speaker, ie teacher-Frenchman.But to begin with the study of the best Russian teacher, because he will be able to you in their native language to explain all the nuances of the language difficulties and the French.

Remote Internet courses will provide you with a convenient schedule, so you can also use them, but only after you have learned the basics of grammar.

communication with French-speaking friends is just as useful, so use any chance to have such friends.

sure to participate in meetings with the holidays coming to them French.Listen to French radio, watch films in French.Films with subtitles to look better, they will help you find out what you could not understand until we are listening to the actors.

dive, so the French language very well stimulate the study of the French language, improving pronunciation, you will quickly learn the language, if to all the above will be as often as possible to read aloud French books, have forged a friend - a Frenchman by correspondence, which will be able to practicewritten speech.

Of course, the best way to quickly learn French is to move to France, to plunge, so to speak in the language environment.But learning the language on their own, you can also to master it, especially if you have a penchant for languages ​​and you have enough perseverance and hard work.