Fitness-year trend - nude yoga

you ever noticed that anybody really current trend is "working" in all areas.For example, the trend Color blocking.We opened it in the clothes, and he penetrated and manicures, and makeup, and accessories, and interior design.And the opening of last year - a shade Nude?This year it has strengthened not only in clothes and manicure.Nudity penetrated and fitness.

2011 fitness experts have called the year of naked yoga.In classes where yoga doing without clothes, go to New York, San Francisco, Paris, London.Initially, the new advertising direction of yoga has undergone severe criticism, but now, on the contrary, it is the hottest trend.

There was even talk that the collapse of the 72-day marriage of Kim Kardashian in part was due to the fact that the famous TV presenter attended classes Nude Yoga.

At phenomenon has supporters and enemies.But no one doubts that naked yoga classes attract many newcomers.A creative people are happy that they can show their talents in the advertising trend and new studios, which are engaged in naked yoga.And we inspire beauty and sexuality Nude Yoga.

One guru yoga photos Jasper Johan released a calendar for 2012 titled "Body Temple".In the calendar - a photo of a nude yoga area.Issued as greeting cards in this style.

One studios in New York offers classes in yoga classes naked on the roof of his office, but only in the summer!You are naked and the whole metropolis you at a glance - an unforgettable experience.

British Cosmo back in January spoke about nude yoga classes.Sexy singer Adam Levine showed off his body, promoting a new kind of yoga class, and at the same time trying to participate in the project publications on the fight against testicular cancer.

If you are too shy to immediately start exercising in a society of their own kind of naked people, for starters, you can take a course of lessons at home.For these purposes, there are special DVD by Nude Yoga that tactfully called "naked yoga."

now advertising images from the fitness instructors and yoga can be more interesting and attractive than before.

Kim Kardashian did not find a consensus with her husband Kris Humphries about their activities in the Nude classes.Of course, they were other differences, but this dubious kind of fitness fueled.The marriage ended in divorce.But Kim continued to attend classes naked yoga.

And here's the good news.Nude Yoga raises self-esteem, it is proven experts and published its report in News Daily.

Which one opinion?Like a new trend?Will try?Or maybe already tried?Very interesting, share!

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