Gipertimnye personality type.

manifestation of emotion and speed of thinking, creativity and creativity, values ​​and way of communicating, especially intellectual activity ... All of these psychological parameters unique to each person.They can manifest themselves to a greater or lesser extent depending on the age, clearly increase in extreme situations and minimize the stability in the state.The only thing that can never happen, because it is their absolute extinction.

term "psycho»

Each person is unique with its own set of psychological characteristics.But at the same time, this diversity does not exclude the presence of similarity between individuals.With their differences, they can be arbitrarily combined in a certain population.Within each group, its members will have more in common with each other than with other similar associations.

Although each person reacts to certain situations in their own way, there is a certain behavior of the algorithm, flow chart, which may follow very different at first glance, people.This is due to the presence of such a phenomenon as psychological personality types.

Personality Types

Psychological personality types can be divided into subtypes and types, yet specialists identify eight major psychological types.

  • schizoid personality type.Representatives of this group are not likely to commit heroic or spontaneous actions, they think more than make;try does not stand and were quite pleased if they do not notice and do not worry about nothing.
  • hysteroid personality type.Such people always stand out in the crowd.This applies both to the appearance (bright clothes, unusual hairstyle), and to the actions and way of life (the tendency to creativity and rebellion).
  • epileptic personality type.Calculating, meticulous, pedantic, self-centered.Always insist on their right, and in the case of entry into confrontation can rapidly become aggressive.
  • gipertimnye personality type.Holders of this type have strong leadership skills, able to think outside the box, have a tendency to rash decisions.
  • asthenic personality type.Such people are characterized by excessive modesty bordering zakompleksovannostyu.This quality gives rise to insecurity and isolation.
  • labile personality type.The mood and behavior of the representatives of this psycho can change every minute.They are very emotional, all their experiences (both positive negative) have a very high amplitude.
  • Sensitive personality type.The most characteristic quality of such people - resentment.They may be upset by small things, not able to defend their point of view, have a huge number of complexes.
  • Volatile personality type.Slaves, infantile people who do not want anything to prove to anyone, "adrift."Under the influence of other people are free to change their point of view on any, even a very important issue.

psychological traits holders hyperthymic personality type

gipertimnye character affects not only a person's behavior, but also largely determines the choice of a profession and lifestyle.Domestic psychologists PB Gannushkina and GE Sukharev studied in detail the type of people to whom they had given a qualified name "constitutionally-excited." They concluded that people with such a character very sociable, active lifestyle. Sometimesthere are too independent, overestimating their capabilities. Already in adolescence hyperthymia tend everywhere to show their leadership skills as the company peers and older people. This often leads to the violation of subordination, for example, to communicate with their parents or teachers.

main feature gipertimnye people - almost always good, even elated. But in rare cases, their "Radiant" may be replaced by irritability, outbursts of anger and aggression.

Behavior of people with hyperthymic psycho

irrepressible desire for activityand to all new and the unknown is often the cause of promiscuity in the choice of friends and acquaintances.Psychological research suggests that among hyperthymia quite frequent alcoholics and drug addicts.It is one of the consequences of the violent reaction to the hobby.If the passion is directed in the right direction, these people can be a bright creative person.

Another characteristic feature - a high vitality.Some of the representatives of this psycho correctly using this quality, are very successful.But there are others who squander the tone on the fast life.Excessive self-confidence creates the illusion that everything is always good.As a result, a person can spend hyperthymic himself on a stormy, is not always a healthy lifestyle.But at the same time deceptive to believe that at any moment it can change your life for the better.

gipertimnye personality type: classification

extremes in behavior and lifestyle hyperthymia really have a place to be.The differences between them are caused divisions within the psychological type, which is particularly evident during adolescence when the formation of personal qualities.

gipertimnye-unstable character type is the most common.This is easily carried away by people who simply can convince of anything.And even quite absurd point of view they will defend with great zeal, if they themselves are sure in it.But to impose this view unsustainable hyperthymia not be easy

gipertimnye-hysteroid type not often.From the title it is clear that these people are in the nature of how gipertimnye features and hysteroid.

gipertimnye-affective type of power is different manifestation of affective irritability and outbursts of anger, which most often occur when the life of these people have barriers or failure.

gipertimnye teenagers

The main features of these personalities are striving for leadership, easily appeased after violent conflict, lack of timidity in dealing with others, thirst for adventure and risky actions.Gipertimnye type of personality in adolescents is often the cause of excessive and indiscriminate sociability independence.

In the study in case of good abilities and successes are possible, but at the same time, restlessness, distractibility, carelessness and lack of discipline may lead to an uneven performance.

gipertimnye teenager often unable to accurately relate to the implementation of the work, particularly monotonous.Their burden is very monotonous activity.Situations requiring speed, courage and resourcefulness of such young men and women are allowed to easily and successfully.Their anger is often expressed in violent scenes of anger, irritation is a special counter others, a clear suppression of intentions, strictly regimented disciplinary regime, restriction of communication with peers, lack of splash of their restless energy.

How to optimize human life hyperthymic

One very simple psychological technique can help a person with a personality type gipertimnyi see their behavior from the outside and do the job on the bugs.The essence of the trick is that you need to have a notebook where to record the close and distant plans, and then read the writing, striking out exactly half.That is less than chalk, but to fulfill "hardware" than to conceive more, knowing that the fulfillment of all at once is impossible.Gipertim he can come up with for themselves "punishment" for non-compliance or promises nedovedenie launched before the end of the case.Thus he teaches people to commit themselves and control their own indiscipline.

gipertimnye accentuation does not allow to see themselves and their actions from the side.Therefore, such people, psychologists recommend the same notebook to ask yourself questions: "What is negative at the moment is in me which can harm or do not like people think?", "What to do to get my negative traits do not interfere with me and others?".

hyperthymia often reminded of the need to restore order in the surrounding space.If everything around him is structured to be in place, then the order in his soul will come soon.

Features health and appearance

gipertimnye people tend to always have a good appetite and can boast a healthy sleep.Even if it was not possible fully to sleep, in the morning they are quite cheerful and functional.

gipertimnye personality type is to be overweight.The particular style of clothing may not adhere to, but some carelessness in their appearance is always present.These people are quite closely follow fashion trends, but it does not hold.They can put on a very fashionable thing with any other long outmoded.That is, they are characterized by an insufficient sense of aesthetics, next door to the crudity.

In the case of heavy loads and professional lack of sleep, in the event of unforeseen difficult circumstances can quickly mobilize forces for a long time remain active in the brain and physical activity.