Magical and mysterious Fibonacci numbers

world figures and numbers big and diverse.He is full of all sorts of interesting facts.Without the numbers and calculations for many centuries, it did not do any human society.There are many outstanding and talented mathematicians who put his heart and soul into their opening.It is to such scientists refer Leonardo Fibonacci.The young mathematician from the small town of Pisa has made an enormous contribution to science.It was named after a sequence of values ​​of mathematical "Fibonacci numbers".Now we all know that everything in this world is natural and has its consistency.

At the time Leonardo wrote the "Book of the Abacus", which expounds all his discoveries.So the world has become a well-known problem of rabbits.At its base, there are two pairs of animals, one of which can produce offspring, and the second - no.Therefore, as a result, since the third generation, the following number of rabbits will be the sum of all the members of the previous two.So it was revealed the following sequence (Fibonacci number):

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 ... 610, 987, 1597, 2584 ... 39,088,169, 63,245,986, 102,334,155

no less exciting experience becomesand consideration of different spirals, which we meet everywhere, hurricanes and tornadoes, sunflowers seeds, cones, leaves, trees, etc.It turns out that here, lurking Fibonacci numbers.If you build a coil and split it into multiple rectangles with sides of 144, 89, 55, it becomes clear that each side is followed by a figure of the previous one.A sequence of these numbers is described by a number.But if you spend in each square of the arc, then together they form a spiral.This once again proves that the Fibonacci number simply magical.

However, it was found that this sequence is already familiar to people since ancient times.Of course, we can assume that it was an accident or mere coincidence.But the fact remains: the pyramids of Giza were built on the principle of Fibonacci numbers.Thus, the area of ​​each face of the pyramid is equal to its height squared.And if the length of the edge divided by the height of this amazing structure, the number of turns equal to 1.618.It is this value is obtained if the value of each successive sequence divided by the previous one.

important contribution made by his discovery of Leonardo in the economy.With a sequence of numbers today many economists can predict the future fate of the exchange.To do this, it has been identified Fibonacci levels.Now it is possible to correctly determine the support and resistance levels or the size of the correction of moving goods.That is the Fibonacci numbers help determine which way the trend will unfold, or calculate retracement levels.Continued movement of the first and the period when the last end, as calculated in accordance with a known sequence.

Thus, Fibonacci numbers can be found at every turn.After all, we are surrounded by plants, spirals and interesting buildings.This sequence can help the economy, under the control and construction of the development trend.These numbers help us to understand that everything in this world has its own consistency and regularity.