Bandage wrist - a pledge of safety training

In today's world, people lead increasingly sedentary lifestyle, working with a computer.This is not allocated time for physical activity, which are essential for the normal development of the body and promote health.Just over ten years ago, this state of things no one thought.But recently it began active promotion of healthy lifestyles, and so many people began to engage in the exercise rooms.

Healthy life without injury - it's great!

This, of course, well, that people began to think about their health, nutrition, throw the bad habits.In the case of the gym should not forget that in addition to the large muscles and a beautiful figure it to be able to give a lot of painful injuries, if you do not observe the art of correct exercises and the use of sports equipment for the prevention of various injuries of muscles, ligaments and joints.For example, such as carpal bandages for the bench.

to any business should be approached wisely, especially in strength sports, otherwise just do not avoid injuries, which can remain for a lifetime.In the late '90s and early 2000s, it was quite a bit of literature in powerlifting and bodybuilding, so most young athletes during training consulted with experienced trainers, thereby preserving his health.

Today, just go to any resource for the "bullies", where you can find hundreds of programs, as well as many different techniques to prepare the athlete for a competition, and so on. N. In connection with such a large number of sources, more and more athletes begin to think thatthey already know everything and they do not need a coach.Against this background, it is increasing the number of injuries that people got in training.

muscles grow faster than stronger skeleton

One of the most common injuries in the hall, is the damage to the joint and carpal ligament field hands.This often happens because of the fact that the athletes are training only the muscles and forget about the strengthening of ligaments and brush.

is not always a sharp increase in workload affects the human body in the best way.The well-known fact that the muscles can grow much faster than strengthened human bones and joints.Jump loads greater level of severity in the corresponding unwillingness ligaments or joints leads to increased risk of injury.

Hazardous exercise

If we talk specifically about the brush, it is fairly dangerous exercise with free weights.For example, even when the correct angle of inclination of brush and hand position, the pain can appear inside the wrist at high loads.We can also consider the other popular exercises that are accompanied by a large load on the brush - deadlifts, pull the bar to the belt, and others.All men want to have a strong back and pay much attention to exercises for its development.The weight, which is used during such exercises, may be greater than 300-400 kg.Of course, joints under such loads without the use of sports equipment for a long time will not stand.

There are exercises and less severe, but which also pose a significant burden on the wrist.Basically this specific exercises with dumbbells, under which the brush is in an unnatural position for themselves.

Application carpal bandage

In order to avoid such injuries during exercise, athletes use a wrist bandage.It really helps to extend the performance of the wrist and protect it from various injuries and sprains.

Indeed, due to the fact that the bandage compresses the carpal joint, increases the "strength of the structure of the hand," and it allows him to carry heavy loads while significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Coaches Powerlifting recommend the use of a special bandage wrist both novice athletes and sports have old-timers.Although many years engaged sportsman, he has to take care of your health, because even a small injury received in training or competition, can cause pain for a long time.In the case of damage to the hand pain may remain for a lifetime, so do not take risks, you need to use a wrist bandage.

What to do to maintain the health of the brush?

To maintain performance and health of your hands, such as the wrist, carpal special bandages are an indispensable means of protection.They help to avoid injuries like when the heavy base, and for the light, isolating specific muscle groups, exercises, in which an increase in the load on the brush.

buying bandages for powerlifting carpal must take into account their length and width.Once you put it on, the hand must not be clamped so that the blood ceased to flow into the brush - it threatens to bad consequences.Also, the brush after rewinding should not move freely, and should be well fixed in one position - only in this case, the load will take over the bandage.A good option considered carpal bandage Inzer, a manufacturer that already proved themselves in the market as a manufacturer of sports accessories of high quality and reliable products.